Elected Candidates

The elected PARSA Representatives of the PARSA 2022 By-Election are:


Equity Officer

Sharrada Segeran

Hello everyone, I am Sharrada Segeran, a third year Doctor of Medicine and Surgery student at ANU and I am elated to be running for Equity Officer!

As we navigate through the new norm, it is undeniable that the mental health and wellbeing of many have been compromised. Now more than ever recognition and treatment of mental health should be on the forefront of our agenda. I strive to open up more conversation around mental health, initiate free mental health screenings and leverage the power of peer-to-peer outreach to change campus culture.

It was with this very idea that I started Mind Matters Network in 2020, a mental health initiative by youth guided by professionals and co-authored the Handbook on Youth Mental Health which distributed over 2000 copies in the first month to educational institutions and community centres for free to improve mental health literacy (I might know a thing or two on mental health that i can bring to the table). Currently I serve as the Director of Mind Matters Network and Chair of the Youth Task of National Coalition of Mental Wellbeing (NCMW). During my undergrad years, I have been the President of the Community Service Club and an ambassador for the Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA). My active participation in volunteerism since young in my home country, Malaysia through Girl Guides (we do a lot more than selling cookies I PROMISE), representing internationally in the ECOSOC youth forum and speaking at UNICEF provided me the opportunity to explore different areas of advocacy from gender based violence to diversity which gave me a better perspective to all the different issues affecting our community not just locally but globally.

I am a strong believer that it is never the case to be “the voice for the voiceless”, everyone has their voice, what I strive to do is to respect, empower and amplify that voice. As the Equity officer I would do my very best to bring students together by organizing amazing community building events, advocacy platforms and further strengthening the peer support network. I will also strongly advocate for inclusion and representation so everyone, especially those in the Women, Disabled, Queer, International, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander postgraduate students sectors are well supported and get the best possible student experience at ANU.


Social Officer

Gurisha Gupta

G'day, Namaste & Ni hao

I am Gurisha Gupta (India), and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the post of social officer in the upcoming PARSA elections. I am an international student studying Master of Finance at ANU College of Business & Economics.

Being a merit holder in my under graduation, I got the opportunity to represent my university (Symbiosis International) in Germany in a semester exchange program. It helped me understand different cultures and diversity and made me aware of the challenges and problems of international students. Furthermore, I organised many social and multicultural events during the exchange and created a vibrant international community at DHBW Heidenheim.

I firmly believe that "Your network is your net worth". Volunteering at PARSA events in O-Week allowed me to know students from various cultural and academic backgrounds; I would like to take this legacy forward by creating safe platforms for students to engage in multiple activities.

As a social officer, I would aim to bring the community together through events and advocacy. I will effectively deliver the suite of revamped social events that are covid safe, and last but not least, I would maximise the engagement of parents, queer community and disabled students.

With this vision in mind, I look forward to your support in empowering PARSA and making your student experience more memorable at the Australian National University.


Environment Officer

Preksha Panchamia

Hey! My name is Preksha Panchamia. I am running for the post of the Environmental Officer. I am studying the Masters of Environmental and Resource Economics at the Crawford School of Public Policy. I am in my second semester. I did my undergraduate degree in Economics and in my last semester of the course, I fell in love with environmental economics. That is when I knew I wanted to choose this as my subject for my masters.

I feel like I am in a great position to make a positive impact with respect to devising and leading the organisation’s work on environmental issues which are of high priority. The current global scenario calls for help, considering the kind of changes in the climate alongside the development each country is working towards. I would not only like to be part of the organisation but also be in a position which would make a difference for current as well as future generations.

I believe that every bit counts, so while I want to make larger initiatives happen, I would also encourage people to do the best they can, however little it may be. When I was new and alone, people from PARSA really helped me. I also want to be that person for anyone who needs me. There is not much we can achieve alone; PARSA boasts a valuable sense of community, and I hope to keep it going. My academic knowledge along with my prior volunteering experience would help me fulfil the duties of the Environmental officer with much more efficiency and finesse.


Queer Officer

Kat Stewart

My name is Kat Stewart and I’m running for Queer* Officer because I would like to help queer* voices on campus be heard, while making postgrad an enjoyable experience. I think it’s important to give voices to everyone, acknowledging that intersectionality is crucial when it comes to queer* identities. I acknowledge that I have certain privileges as a white, American looking to take on this role. However, I think I benefit greatly by my adaptability and desire to learn from others so that I can represent everyone’s wants and needs more accurately. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by queer* communities with voices very different than my own. I grew up in a rather conservative environment, but have also lived in places that are more open and accepting of queer* voices. Additionally, I participated in queer* affinity groups and organizations throughout highschool and undergrad. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend and march for Pride across a range of places including: New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seoul and my hometown in Oklahoma. I have also demonstrated for other causes (such as BLM, Women’s March, and March for Our Lives) because I believe in being active in avenues of change and supporting people who are struggling to be heard. I am hoping my experiences will help me support PARSA’s diverse queer* body in having a safe, fun, and fulfilling postgrad experience.


College of Asia & the Pacific (CAP) Officer (Coursework)

Akrti Tyagi

I, Akrti Tyagi, am an International Relations postgrad student at CAP. By nature, I am able to empathise and connect, while the ability to multi-task empowers me to shoulder additional responsibilities. I possess requisite passion, commitment and competence to make a positive difference around me.

An Army background and diversity of the Indian culture nurtured an ethos of team work, adaptability and initiative in me. With Bachelors Degree in Law, my work with Humanitarian Agencies, NGOs in conflict zones of Africa and interning with exposure to litigation, inculcated in me great self-confidence and ability to present logical arguments with conviction.  With past leadership roles in various campus forums/ events, I can effectively represent the interests of CAP Students and inspire them to contribute effectively.  Having participated in international seminars and college debates, I have the ability to communicate well. My jovial nature, a subtle humour and strong sense of responsibility make me approachable and foster trust. I am fun loving and enjoy dancing like no one is watching or even break into car concerts that might seem like a horror movie scene from the outside. I lead through personal example, reflect ‘Relaxed Efficiency’ and possess the tact, understanding to be able to lead a team.

I strongly feel that I am ready to represent the student community as the CAP Representative and fulfil the PARSA vision with commitment to the values that it represents. My time management skills shall enable me to ensure due justice to the requirements of this task.


College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS) Officer (HDR)

Ruonan Chen 

This is Ruonan Chen, a 3rd year PhD student in SoAA, CASS, ANU. I nominate myself as the CASS Officer HDR.  

I want to help CASS HDR students to navigate the system easier. I still remember my experience as a fresh student, facing numerous problems, academic, name a few, administrative, and personal ones. As time goes by, new problems and issues come up and old one remains. To digest those problems, takes a lot of time. With a competent CASS Officer HDR’s help, a lot of effort can be saved, and people can focus more on their research. I am good at communication, coordination, and negotiation. I have worked as a study hub manager for ANU in China and a development program officer in Tibet. I am competent in helping people with these issues. 

I am also very approachable, sociable, and good at problem-solving. When HDR students approach me with their problems, I will do my best to help to solve their problems. With me being CASS Officer HDR, students are in good hands.  

I also want to contribute to PARSA for feedback. I benefited from PARSA greatly as a postgraduate student, from Shut Up and Write, Unwind, movies, and all kinds of other activities. Hence, I hope to help PARSA benefit more students in CASS as it benefits me.  


College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) Officer (Coursework)

Jiayi Shen 

I am Jiayi Shen, a postgraduate student of CECS. This is my second semester of Master of Computing (Advanced). I am so glad that our campus is back to life again after such a tough time. As a member of PARSA, I am willing to help more students to acquire a fantastic study experience in ANU. I will proactively respond to ANU and Government policy and actively provide proposals to support and advocate for students in CECS.


College of Business & Economics (CBE) Officer (Coursework)

Siddharth Mittal


My name is Siddharth Mittal, and I am an international student from India. I am a second-year postgraduate student doing Master of Finance at college of business and economics, Australian National University. I believe in “Do what you say you’ll do”. I love challenges and taking up responsibilities and try to perform to baest of my abilities and even beyond that. I have been in leadership position right since from my under-graduation days. I was the class representative throughout three years of my degree and that is what helped me to develop leadership skills and qualities. A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and show the way. Hence, I am standing for the CBE coursework officer position in upcoming PARSA elections with clear vision in mind to work for the welfare of student and making the CBE community more intact and stronger. I am aiming to work on certain areas at CBE, first one being, creating more internships opportunities for CBE students by collaborating with career teams and creating more experiential learning programs for the students who are overseas. More social and professional events will be organised for CBE student to empower and to train them for the future world. As a prospective candidate for CBE coursework officer post, I promise and assure to everyone to do whatever it takes to make CBE community stronger and more engaging.

I finally, want to thank all the PARSA officials to give me volunteering opportunity this year at O-week events. I enjoyed every bit of the moment being the volunteer and I will cherish it for my entire life.




A written report on the election will be submitted to PARSA no later than the second PRC meeting after the poll is declared. PARSA must ensure the report can be viewed by PARSA members digitally on request. 

The report will include:

  1. A count of all votes cast, including any informal votes; 
  2. The successful candidates for each ballot, including the number of votes received by those candidates
  3. The number of votes received by all candidates in each ballot.


Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to all the successful candidates!

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