Helpful Information

It can be daunting trawling through the minefield of information available to support your academic progress and accessing support services tailored to your individual needs. PARSA have compiled a list of services, complete with links, which may be helpful:

Student Safety: ANU security and ANUOK app

Student-Parents guide: Events, Accommodation, Parenting rooms, Parking, Childcare, Children in classrooms, HDR Parental leave, International Health cover, School fees for dependents and Tips from a PhD Student.

LGBTIQA+ Students guide: Offers information around respectful language and understanding of needs and views. This is also a helpful space to access information about events, advocacy, news, opportunities and to connect with the university community

Students with Disabilities guide: Information about your Disabilities Student Representative and links to: Accessibility, ANU Maps, on-campus and off campus support services.

Tenancy Rights and Occupancy rights: Includes information about Occupancy and Tenancy agreements/rights in the ACT plus links to support services.

Your rights at work: Access to legal support, visa restriction/guidelines, minimum wage and working conditions.

  1. Your rights at work: ANU Employees and
  2. Your rights at Work: International students.

Please see the links on this page for further details.

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