Shut Up & Write! Groups

The PARSA Shut Up & Write! (SUAW) group has been run by students, for students, on ANU campus since 2012.

Generally a Shut Up & Write! group will use the Pomodoro Technique, which involves writing in silence for 25 minute bursts with regular rests for coffee, food and chatting in between. Chatting is a good way to have a ‘brain break’ between intense periods of focus. Break time is good for problem solving, to discuss writing progress, or simply making friends. Writers work on their own tasks – there are no set exercises or group work. Read more about how Shut Up & Write! works on the Thesis Whisperer Blog.

SUAW is holding the unoffical SUAW sessions at Biginelli's cafe at the school of music every Monday 9-11am, Thursday 2-4pm and Friday 9-11am. One free coffee per attendee is available.

Official SUAW is being held at the Molly Huxley Room at University House. This year we will bring you 4 evening sessions 5.30-9pm and one day session 10am-3pm. Evenings include a free dinner, and the day session will include a lunch to keep the inspirational writing juices flowing. These sessions are limited to 25 spaces. Please note that individuals are only allowed to book 3 night sessions and 1 day session per month.

Please click on the week below to book your spot. SUAW is for ANU Higher Degree Research (HDR) students only. 




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