EQUIP Training Program

PARSA brings you our new and exciting skill-up program: Equip - training for work.

What is Equip?

Equip will provide an opportunity for all postgraduate students to gain skills, training or work experience, to apply for casual and part-time work to support studies. In particular: hospitality, retail, volunteer, disability support and other work.

How will Equip benefit you?

Improves your skills through training, so that you can obtain part-time/casual jobs

  • Knowledge and skills acquirement
  • Discovery of new passions
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Opens you to new work opportunities
  • Cultural immersion and understanding of the Australian workplace

What courses will PARSA be offering?

Some courses may include:

  • First Aid Course 
  • Microsoft Suite Training 
  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) (Students on an International Student 500 Visa cannot apply for RSA training)
  • Barista Training
  • Driving lessons

The new EQUIP Program for 2019 will be released soon.

Please check back for updates.







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