PARSA Study Essentials Grant

PARSA Study Essentials Grant

Purpose: The Study Essentials Grant is available to enrolled postgraduate students at the ANU.  The grant aims to provide postgraduate students with access to essential items for their study requirements.  This grant includes the costs of text books, lab equipment (eg. protective equipment), technology (eg. webcams, storage, apps, essential laptop upgrades/repairs) and assessment materials (art materials, fieldwork/internship requirements) for students who are experiencing financial hardship or difficulty in meeting the costs of these items. Eligible students are able to access up to $500 of assistance per semester*

First half of the year = Summer Session, First Semester and Autumn Session

Second half of the year = Winter Session, Second Semester and Spring Session.

Provisions: If the application is successful, the student will be provided with pre-paid Visa cards which can be utilised for purchases. 


  • Be currently enrolled as a postgraduate at the ANU
  • Be enrolled in the program/course for which the item/s is required
  • Able to demonstrate current financial hardship or that the cost of the required item/s would create financial difficulty.

Process: Interested applicants must submit a completed application form along with the following documents: 

  1. Confirmation of enrolment letter (ISIS confirmation)
  2. Supporting documentation showing the item is a requirement or recommendation for the course (course outline, evidence of online learning, etc.)
  3. Confirmation of items pricing which includes a screenshot of items from a store or website
  4. Bank statements from all your accounts showing the previous 90 days transactions.

The PARSA Student Assistance Team will determine, based on the application, if a student qualifies for assistance and the amount of assistance to be granted.

Successful applicants are required to notify PARSA Student Assistance Team if the item is no longer required e.g. change in the requirement of the course.

Applications and inquiries can be directed to

Download the application form here.

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