How to apply

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for seef funding

Please fill in the required form, save & send to

Step 1: Read the seef Grant Guidelines.

Step 2: Complete and submit your seef Application Form or Venture Grant Application Form along with financial plan and other supporting documents.  Failure to submit required application and supporting documentation by the requested date may result in the application being ineligible.

Step 3: Within 10 business days of the closing date for each round, the outcome of your application will be communicated to you via ANU email. Check your ANU email for a decision on your application. 

If your application is successful, please carefully read and follow the directions given to you in your offer letter.

Step 4:  Download, complete and submit the seef Acceptance Form within 10 business days of receiving the email with your offer letter. You will receive your initial instalment of the grant once you have submitted this form. 

Step 5: Within one month of your project ending, download, complete, and submit the seef Acquittal Form and required invoices/receipts/documentation to show that you have spent the money appropriately. You will only receive the final funding once this form is submitted and the necessary information is provided. 


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