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College of Health and Medicine (CHM)


CHM (Coursework) - Charlene Zheng 

I am Charlene Zheng (she/her) and I am a first-year Doctor of Medicine and Surgery student. I’m the College Officer (coursework) for the College of Health and Medicine (CHM). In this role, I will proactively support and advocate for any concerns raised by students and aim to foster a connected, engaged, and supportive community amongst CHM students. I want to enhance the college connection amongst PARSA students as I really enjoyed attending the CHM and PARSA events this year and meeting students from my college and other colleges. I actively seek feedback to improve events/activities that are tailored to students’ needs during different times of the semester, ranging from social events at the start of the semester to study/de-stress events during the exam periods.


College of Science (CoS)


CoS (Coursework) - Anjali Shivani 

Anjali Shivani (She/ her) is a first-year master’s (advanced) student in Astronomy & Astrophysics. As a college of science coursework officer, she hopes to organize events for CASS students to make the study experience more engaging and constructive both for international and domestic students. She wants to help the students in striking a balance between their social and academic lives. She wants to celebrate the distinctiveness of each science department, host as many gatherings and events for CESS students as possible, and plan career-related activities like resume writing. Anjali is warm and personable, always ready to hear out CASS students, regardless of the issue.



College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)


CECS (Coursework) - Vidhu Chaudhary 

Vidhu Chaudhary (She/Her) is a Master of Computing (Advanced) student at the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Her guiding principle is, “There is no special ingredient!” and she firmly believes that everyone has the ability to make a meaningful impact in society. As the CECS Coursework Representative, she aims to assist any and all postgraduate students going through this intense journey at ANU and support them in all possible ways.


CECS (HDR) - Zhangcheng Qiang 

My name is Zhangcheng Qiang. You can also call me Wilson. I am currently a PhD student in the Knowledge Graph Engineering Group, at ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS). My priority will be assisting HDR students with their overall well-being, academic excellence and career development. Nowadays, CECS research is multidisciplinary and I believe teamwork is the key to success. I will make efforts to arrange research seminars and workshops that involve candidates from different disciplines. These activities will help HDR students to broaden their social networks and promote novel multidiscipline research. Also, I strive to help HDR students find a balance between work and life. I will organise leisure activities such as movie nights, reading clubs, excursions, etc. These activities will help HDR students relax their bodies and minds.



College of Business and Economics (CBE)


CBE (Coursework) - Sanchita Wandhare 

Sanchita Wandhare (She/Her) is a postgraduate student of International Management at CBE. As postgraduate students, most of us are struggling to manage coursework, social life, part-time jobs & career goals. As a coursework officer, the goal would be to provide a platform for ANU postgraduates to achieve the best out of their coursework/goals/aspirations through supportive PARSA networking capabilities. As a PARSA representative, the resources that we have access to would be utilized in addressing potential challenges in these domains & planning to overcome them. Considering defunding & uncertain future continuity of PARSA, the long-term goal would be to retain & establish postgraduate voices within student representative bodies regardless of the unpredictable future.


CBE (HDR) - Jose Ernesto Centurion Rojas

Ernesto Rojas (pronouns: he/him) is an international student from Paraguay, South America, in the final year of a Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the College of Business and Economics. As the CBE Coursework Officer at PARSA and Postgraduate Representative at ANU Council, he hopes to create a communication channel between PARSA staff, postgraduate students and the College of Business and Economics. He has always been a firm believer in generating links and alliances between different groups and people with diverse backgrounds and, through this, building agreements together and achieving the proposed objectives. His main goals are to ensure students can access relevant academic support services, collect feedback from students to pass on to the committee, and generate networking spaces through events/seminars between companies and international and local students to create opportunities for their professional careers.



College of Asia Pacific (CAP)


CAP (Coursework) - Rubab Bahar 

Rubab Bahar (he/him) is a Master of International Relations student at the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific. A highly motivated and outspoken international student from Bangladesh, he is well-versed in postgraduate struggles. As your CAP coursework representative, he aims to support your journey by emphasizing the need to listen to your concerns and feedback. Collectively, we can achieve everything we set our sights on.


CAP (HDR) - Jose Cobian Alvarez

Jose Cobian Alvarez (he/his) is pursuing a PhD degree in Environmental Economics at Crawford School of Public Policy. As the current College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) Officer, he will seek more participation of HDR students in PARSA activities. Previously, Jose has been a board member of the Latin American Student Association (LASA) contributing to postgraduate students from different cultural heritage to actively engage and enjoy being part of the ANU community. In addition, he is keen to provide the necessary support to HDR students to navigate the intense journey towards their degree completion. He is passionate about supporting meaningfully students by understanding firsthand their difficulties. Jose is currently tutoring aboriginal and international postgraduate students empowering them to be academically and mentally ready to achieve their greatest potential.



College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS)


CASS (Coursework) - Ruiying (Alley) Zhu

Alley (Ruiying) Zhu (pronouns: she/her) is a postgraduate student of Applied Anthropology and Development at the College of Arts and Social Sciences. She understands student feedback as an opportunity for dialogue where student voices are heard and new ways of doing things are explored. As a CASS coursework officer, she hopes to be a strong voice for coursework students to ensure the needs and concerns of postgraduates are adequately represented and addressed through tailored responses from the college. She is also dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary dialogues across colleges through social events and activities to enrich the postgraduate learning experience.


CASS (HDR) - Junmin Liu 

Junmin Liu (she/her) is a Ph.D. candidate at Research school of Humanitthe ies and the Arts, College of Arts and Social Sciences. Focusing on Yi migrant workers in Shenzhen (south eastern China), her southeasternarch examines the roles of ethnic culture in identity reconstruction and community building for marginalised groups in a migration context. As the CASS College Representative (HDR), she hopes to engage more HDR students in PARSA events and contribute to the HDR student community.



College of Law (CoL)


CoL (Coursework) - Leonard Ho 

I'm Leonard (his/him), enrolled in LLM and the PG Law coursework rep. Being a PARSA Law Coursework officer means that I get to pass on feedback and suggestions from the postgraduate student committee onto the faculty and help with course and pastoral care needs. Looking forward to adding onto the learning experience at COL and making it a smooth and positive on for PG students.


CoL (HDR) - Eweha Jeong 

Eweha Jeong (she/her) is a postgraduate student enrolled in the Juris Doctor program at ANU. She is the Higher Degree by Research officer (CoL) and is aiming to advocate and uplift the voice of all international students. A friendly, highly enthusiastic person, who is keen to provide all necessary support for students throughout their journey at ANU. She is dedicated to representing postgraduate students through meaningful collaboration and engagement with PARSA. She believes that having all opportunities to connect to ANU and the community is important. 


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