Who We Are

Student Representatives

The PARSA Board

In 2018 PARSA members adopted a Constitution that restructured our organisation created a division between the governance of the organisation (the PARSA Board) and the operations of the organisation (the PRC and staff). Previously the board and the PRC were one and the same. 

The PARSA Board is responsible for upholding the Objects of the Association (our purpose) and providing strategic leadership and accountability over PARSA. 

In order to maintain student leadership and connection between the Board and PRC, there are requirements in the Constitution for joint-meetings in order to make key decisions related to the Association.

The Postgraduate Representative Committee (PRC)

The PRC is the operational student representative side of PARSA. Officers are responsible for, provide leadership in, undertake, and perform any operational day-to-day functions aligned with their portfolio designation as delegated by the Board or as otherwise determined by the President within the scope of the Board's delegated functions of each respective portfolio designation, and are accountable for their assigned budgets.

Officers are responsible to the President for the undertaking and performance of their operational day-to-day functions.

All students are elected by the membership to the following roles:

  • President (also a member of the board)
  • Vice President
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer
  • Coursework Officer
  • Disabilities Officer
  • Education Officer
  • Environmental Officer
  • Equity Officer
  • Higher Degree by Research Officer
  • International Student Officer
  • Queer Officer
  • Social Officer
  • Women's Officer

Two representatives from each of the Academic Colleges, ideally one HDR and one Coursework:

  • College of Health and Medicine (CHM)
  • College of Science (CoS)
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)
  • College of Business and Economics (CBE)
  • College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP)
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS)
  • College of Law (CoL)


PARSA employs the following staff to assist the PRC to fulfil their responsibility to the membership. The staff are accountable to the President through the Operations Manager, and perform front-facing student support, organisational administration, and provide professional advice and support to representatives according to their role and experience.

  • Operations Manager
  • Administration
  • Student Assistance Team Coordinator
  • Student Assistance Advisor
  • Communications and Marketing Director
  • Events and Volunteer Director
  • Advocacy and Engagement Coordinator 
  • Bookkeeper (part-time)
  • Lawyer (part-time)
  • SEEF Administrator (casual)
  • SUAW Team Leader (casual)
  • SUAW Assistants (casual)
  • Communications Assistant (casual)

To contact a staff member, call the office on (02) 6125 4187 or email parsa@anu.edu.au.


Contact PARSA

PARSA Office
Level 2, Di Riddell Student Centre
Kambri Precinct
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2601

Office Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
Call Us: +61 (02) 6125 4187
Write to Us: parsa@anu.edu.au