ANU Council Election

The ANU Council is seeking candidates for the position of Postgraduate Students’ Representative. ANU Council is the executive body responsible for managing the university’s strategic oversight and effective governance. Although PARSA runs elections for this seat, student members of Council are not inherently PARSA PRC members. This is the only role where a student can concurrently hold a position in the PRC (such as in the Executive Committee) and on Council.


The successful candidate sits on Council as a representative of the postgraduate student body. You are expected to bring ‘expertise’ on postgraduate student matters to Council, not represent any political affiliation or advocacy goals. When making decisions, it is your duty to holistically consider the ANU’s interests first. 


Members of Council will find the workflow of this role is structured. The Council agenda is released seven days before each meeting. Topics may include financial management, risk, construction projects, student wellbeing and academic resourcing. Familiarising yourself with the agenda prior to meetings will be the key to your success in this role.


ANU Council makes all its decisions as a collective body. You are encouraged to discuss issues with other members before meetings, and all procedural matters with the Secretary. 

The expectation is that a nominee will remain a student of the ANU and commit to serving a full term (i.e. to the end of 2023). 


The member on ANU Council will need to be available to regularly attend committee meetings. At minimum, this will include

  1. Council meetings six times every calendar year
  2. Pre-Council Dinners
  3. The occasional Executive Committee meeting (subject to confidentiality)
  4. Any other work connected to Council's, including briefings, training and dedicated preparation time for meetings

Council member responsibilities:

Attend Council meetings and ensure you read all of the supporting documentation ahead of time.

Conduct yourself in a professional manner.  

Act as the first point of contact for students with questions or concerns and providing ‘warm referrals’ when appropriate.


Key relationships

  1. PARSA: Executive Committee
  2. Members: Postgraduate students 
  3. University: ANU Council Members and the Senior Management team
  4. External Organisations: N/A



  1.        Newly elected Council Members are required to attend a governance training session and a two-day planning retreat (typically in February) with ANU Council. 
  2.        Additional training and ongoing support is provided throughout the academic year.


Nomination Period: 18-29 July

Election Information Session: 26 July 4-5pm 

Nominee List Revealed: 1 August

Campaign Period: 1 -12 August

Voting Period: 15-19 August


All those wishing to apply for candidacy for ANU Council Postgraduation Representative should download and complete the form in the link below and send to

Nomination Form 

Contact PARSA

PARSA Office
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Australian National University
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Office Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
Call Us: +61 (02) 6125 4187
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