Our focus is to be active representatives for postgraduate students across the University.

We represent students on the following University committees/boards/councils:

ANU Council Committees

 Committee  Representative(s)  Frequency  Chair
 ANU Council  Sonia Jeena  Bi-monthly  The Hon Julie Bishop 
 Campus Planning Committee  Sonia Jeena  Bi-monthly  Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM 
 ANU Finance Committee  Sonia Jeena  Bi-monthly  Dr Doug McTaggart
 Honorary Degrees Committee   Sonia Jeena  Three times a year   Gareth Evans

Education Committees

Committee  Representative(s)   Frequency   Chair
 Academic Board

 Gunjan Dixit   Delephene Fraser

 Bi-monthly   Professor Joan Leach 
 Academic Quality Assurance Committee

 Tristan Yip   Gunjan Dixit

 Bi-monthly  Professor Royston Gustavson 
 Teaching and Learning Development Committee 

 Tristan Yip   Gunjan Dixit

 Bi-monthly  Grady Venville
 Higher Degree Research Committee  Gunjan Dixit  Bi-monthly  Professor Ann Evans
 Appeals Committee

 Harshita Bhatia   Tristan Yip     Gunjan Dixit

 As necessary   N/A
 University Research Committee  Gunjan Dixit  Bi-monthly  Professor Keith Nugent

 Feedback Enhanced
 Learning and Teaching Steering Committee

 Gunjan Dixit   Tristan Yip

 Quarterly  Grady Venville
 Student Survey Working Group  Tristan Yip     Gunjan Dixit  Monthly  Grady Venville
 Technology Enhanced Learning Group  Tristan Yip  Monthly  Joseph Hughes

Infrastructure Committees

 Committee  Representative(s)   Frequency  Chair
 Campus Advisory Forum

 Eleanor Cooper

 Sonia Jeena 

 Quarterly  Geraldine Schmid
 Environment Management Planning Committee 

 Eleanor Cooper

 Preksha Panchamia 

 Quarterly  Royston Gustavson 
 Childcare Liaison Committee  Jhana De Silva  Three times a year   Geraldine Schmid
 University Naming Committee

 Delephene Fraser

 Eleanor Cooper 

 Quarterly  Brian Schmidt
 Kambri Committee  Delephene Fraser  Quarterly  Chris Grange
 Kambri Reference Group

 Delephene Fraser

 Laurie Fletcher

 Monthly  Nicole Short

Access and Equity Committees

Committee  Representative(s)   Frequency  Chair
 Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Oversight 

 Sonia Jeena

 Delephene Fraser

 Sharrada Segeran

 Once a year  Professor Mike Calford
 Respectful Relationships Working Group

 Delephene Fraser

 Eleanor Cooper

 Nancy Zhang

 Harshita Bhatia

 Bi-monthly  Veronica Taylor
 Healthy University Working Group  Harshita Bhatia  Twice a year   Tania Willis
 Disability Action Plan Working Group

 Harshita Bhatia

 Sharrada Segeran

 Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group  Delephene Fraser    
 Gender Equity Working Group  Nancy Zhang    
 Social Inclusion and Diversity Working Group

 Harsthia Bhatia

 Sonia Jeena

 Kat Stewart

 Family Friendly Committee  Jhana De Silva  Quarterly  PARSA & Penny Kyburz  
 Mental Health Advisory Group  Harshita Bhatia  Bi-monthly  Tony Foley

Advisory Committees

Committee  Representative(s)   Frequency  Chair
 ANU Clubs Council  Gurisha Gupta  Bi-weekly   Joshuah Yeend
 University House Board of Fellows   TBA  Quarterly  Peter Kanowski
 Library Advisory Committee  Gunjan Dixit  Three times a year  Heather Jenks

Awards, Bursaries and Grants Committees

 Committee  Representative(s)   Frequency  Chair
 Student Extracurricular Enrichment Fund (SEEF) Committee 

 Eleanor Cooper

 Harshita Bhatia

 As necessary  Stephen Milnes
 Grand Graduations Steering Committee   Laurie Fletcher    
 Committee for the Graduate Accommodation,
 Emergency Graduate Accommodation and Disability
 Graduate Accommodation Bursaries

 Deb Short

 Harshita Bhatia

 Once a semester   N/A
 Alumni Awards Committee    Yearly  Marnie Hughes-Warrington 
 Gala Awards Steering Committee    Quarterly  Shirley Leitch
 Vice-Chancellor's Awards    Yearly  N/A
 ANU Foundation Board  Eleanor Cooper    

College-Specific Committees

 Committee  Representative(s)   Frequency  Chair
 CASS Teaching and
 Learning Development Committee
 Ruonan Chen  Bi-monthly   Susanna Scarparo
 CASS HDR Sub-Committee  Ruonan Chen  Bi-monthly  Douglas Craig
CASS Academic Quality
 Assurance Committee
 Ruonan Chen  Monthly  Susanna Scarparo
 CAP Education Committee  Akrti Tyagi  Monthly  Stephan Fruehling 
 CAP Curriculum Committee  Akrti Tyagi  Monthly  Stephan Fruehling
 CAP Higher Degree Research Committee   Akrti Tyagi  Monthly  Simon Avenell
 JCoS Education Committee  Upasana Pathak
 Shukla Promite
 Bi-monthly  Anna Cowan
 JCoS HDR Committee  Upasana Pathak
 Shukla Promite
 Bi-monthly  Anna Cowan
 CECS Education Committee  Zhangcheng Qiang  Bi-monthly  Adrian Lowe
 CECS HDR Sub-Committee  Zhangcheng Qiang  Monthly  Daniel MacDonald
 CoL Education Committee  Tristan Yip  Bi-monthly  Vivien Holmes
 CBE Education Committee  Siddarth Mittal  Monthly  Bronwen Whiting

PARSA Committees

 Committee  Representative(s)  Frequency   Chair
 Executive Committee

 Delephene Fraser
 Sharrada Segeran
 Tristan Yip
 Gunjan Dixit
 Operations manager (observing)

 PMAC (observing)

 Weekly  Tristan Yip
 Coursework Portfolio

 Tristan Yip
 Siddarth Mittal
 Upasana Pathak
 Akrti Tyagi

 Fortnightly  Tristan Yip
 Equity Portfolio  Sharrada Segeran
 Nancy Zhang
 Sonia Jeena
 Harshita Bhatia
 Jhana De Silva
 Kat Stewart
 Fortnightly  Sharrada Segeran
 PARSA Queer Advisory Committee  Per invitation from chair  Monthly  Kat Stewart 
 PARSA Disabilities Advisory
 Per invitation from chair  Monthly  Current Vacancy
 PARSA Womens Advisory Committee  Per invitation from chair  Bi-monthly   Nancy Zhang
 HDR Portfolio  Gunjan Dixit
 Zhangcheng Qiang
 Shukla Promite
 Ruonan Chen
 Fortnightly  Gunjan Dixit
 PARSA PG International Forum  Per invitation from chair  Monthly  Sonia Jeena
 PARSA Parents & Carers  Per invitation from chair  Monthly  Jhana De Silva
 PRC  Whole PRC  Every six weeks   Tristan Yip
 Events  Whole PRC  Fortnightly  Laurie Fletcher
 Advocacy  Whole PRC  As needed  Clair Zhang
 Staff Leadership    Weekly  Operations Manager


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