International and Offshore Students' Arrival

Welcome back international and offshore students! 

If you are planning your trip to the ANU, you may find the following information about accommodation and quarantine useful.


Finding Accommodation
The first step for a new student is to secure long-term accommodation. We recommend starting with the PARSA's Accommodation Seeker as a starting point.


Emergency Accommodation
PARSA provides short-term emergency accommodation assistance to eligible enrolled postgraduate students who are experiencing an emergency that has resulted in difficulties securing accommodation.

PARSA can book up to 7 night stay at YHA City for successful applicants of PARSA Accommodation Grant. Please note that YHA policy stipulates that only fully vaccinated individuals are able to stay at the YHA and vaccination certificate must be sighted by YHA staff upon check in.


Short-term on campus accommodation
ANU can arrange a short-term contract for a place in on campus accommodation before 9 February 2022. There are specific procedures and rules for these short-term contracts. Please contact for more information.

You are also welcome to book private accommodation in Canberra should you prefer to live off campus.


You are not allowed to undertake quarantine in ANU on-campus residential accommodation at this time. 

ANU strongly advise that if you do need to quarantine that you do so at your port of arrival as the ACT does not have many hotels or AirBnB able to meet the ACT Health Quarantine guidelines.

If you are participating in an ANU International Student Return program, any required quarantine arrangements will be managed as part of the program.  Details of these arrangements will be communicated directly with participating students.

If you are making individual travel arrangements to return to ANU it is your responsibility to understand and follow the quarantine requirements of the state or territory you are arriving to Australia in. All costs associated with quarantine arrangements will be borne by you.

If you wish to participate in the ANU International Student Return program any required quarantine or self-isolation arrangements will be managed as part of the program. However, it will still be your responsibility to understand and follow these self-isolation and quarantine requirements, and to cover any costs associated.


Positive COVID-19 Result
1. Notify the COVID Response Office through this online form.

2. Notify your supervisor so that you can discuss leave or flexible work options during your period of isolation. Further information on flexible work options are available here.

3. register with ACT Health using their online form to access care and advice appropriate to you.

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