Graduation Ceremony Assistance Program

PARSA Graduation Ceremony Assistance Program

Here’s what we know about graduation at ANU:
• It’s an important rite of passage after all your hard work;
• The wearing of official graduation attire is compulsory; and
• It costs money!

Don’t stress – there is help
PARSA & ANUSA believe that anyone should have the opportunity to attend their graduation ceremony regardless of their financial circumstance. We are therefore pleased that there is now a financial hardship provision for graduation attire hire. This means that students facing financial hardship can apply for their graduation attire to be provided free of cost through the Graduation Ceremony Assistance Program.

Who can apply?
The Graduation Ceremony Assistance Program (“GCAP”) is open to all ANU students who are eligible to graduate at the upcoming graduation ceremonies. This includes full-time and part-time students, Domestic and International, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research students.

GCAP assists to support students who are experiencing financial hardship that would prevent them from attending their graduation ceremony. The GCAP covers the cost of academic regalia hire for the approved applicants.

Financial hardship is where a student, by hiring graduation attire, would be left unable to provide for themselves or their dependents in regards to food, accommodation, essential clothing, medical treatment, education or other basic necessities.

Have you already answered ‘no’ to attending your ceremony? That’s ok, you can still apply through this process.

Eligibility Criteria
• Be enrolled as an ANU student including undergraduate, postgraduate and research; &
• Be eligible to graduate at the July/December ceremonies including conditional approval; &
• Able to demonstrate financial hardship; &
• Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, Australian Permanent resident or holder of an Australian humanitarian visa; or
• Be an international student who can demonstrate an unexpected change in financial circumstances since the commencement of their enrolment.

Applications must be received within the application round dates in order to be considered. Applications received within the application round will be assessed by the GCAP committee. Decisions are made at the discretion of the committee.

The committee can request additional information for an application prior to making their decision. Successful applicants are only considered entitled to the program if they are eligible to graduate at the upcoming round of graduation ceremonies. If their graduation is delayed they must re-apply in the appropriate application round.

Application round 

Applications will open on the 14th November and close on the 3rd December 2018

How to apply

You can apply in several ways:

Important Note: You will need to attach the following supporting documents to your application:

  • Evidence or proof of your situation
  • Bank statements for the last 30 days (Statements are required for all accounts both in Australia and overseas in order for applications to be considered)

If you need the form in another version (eg. Microsoft Word), please email

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