PARSA Emergency Grant

The PARSA Emergency Grant (PEG) is a grant available to offer financial assistance to currently enrolled postgraduate students who are facing genuine and unexpected financial hardship. Enrolled postgraduate students can qualify for up to $1500 per semester* (at PARSA’s discretion), depending on the severity of the situation and the potential benefits of assistance. Successful applicants do not have to repay the money (i.e. it’s not a loan).

Application: Interested applicants must read PEG requirements prior to application. Applications are submitted via email to: The Student Assistance Team can be contacted for any specific questions about requirements or eligibility.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  An application will be subject to confidential review conducted by two PARSA Student Assistance Team staff members and if successful, a de-identified case note is provided to the Authority for financial approval.

Criteria: Applications will be accessed on whether they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Financial hardship is a result of an unforeseen or emergency situation (e.g., medical related emergency, family/travel related emergency, family & domestic violence, unexpected change to accommodation), which occurred within the last two months preceding application;

Supporting documentation for claims is required (eg. letter from employer, medical report/advice, termination of lease etc).

  1. The applicant can demonstrate financial hardship;
  2. The applicant can demonstrate immediate need;
  3. The applicant can demonstrate their existing financial hardship directly affects their capacity to complete their studies in the immediate future;
  4. The applicant can demonstrate enrolment in the current semester at the time of application (not graduated, deferring or on Program leave).


  • Costs already covered by successful application to another fund, bursary or assistance program (eg. ANU SURF, ANU Accommodation Bursary or community-service fund).
  • Tuition/course related fees
  • Paying off credit card or other debts (e.g. debts to friends and relatives)
  • Reimbursement of past costs
  • Research or vacation travel
  • Leisure activities

Outcomes: If the application is successful, the applicant will be notified and the approved amount will be transferred to the student’s bank account, or to an agreed-upon third party (e.g. medical bills, bond payments). Whenever possible, the funds will be transferred within three working days of the complete application submission.  

If the application is not successful, the applicant will be notified of the decision with an explanation of which criteria were not demonstrated.

Please note:

  • Any claims made in the application should be accompanied with supporting documentation (eg. Letter from employer, quotation for cost etc)
  • Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply (with a new application form and updated documents) if their circumstances change or if additional supporting documentation becomes available.
  • A request for review of the decision may be sent to the Director of the Student Assistance Team in writing via The review by the Director is final.

Download your PARSA Emergency Grant application and submit to

*Semester 1 includes: Summer Session, First Semester and Autumn Session;

*Semester 2 includes: Winter Session, Second Semester and Spring Session.

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