Grocery Voucher Grant

PARSA Grocery Voucher Program

The PARSA Grocery Voucher Program is available to enrolled postgraduate students at the ANU. The program is designed to provide access to groceries and essential items for postgraduate students who are experiencing financial hardship.

A maximum total of $200 (or $500 for student with dependent families) of grocery vouchers can be granted per postgraduate student per semester *.

Semester 1 includes : Summer Session, First Semester and Autumn Session.

Semester 2 includes : Winter Session, Second Semester and Spring Session.


  • To provide a means of providing access to food and other essential groceries to postgraduate students who are struggling to afford essential items;
  • To offer a means of providing assistance to postgraduate students who do not qualify for any other means of assistance. For example students who have already used their PARSA Emergency Grant for the year.

Eligibility criteria: The eligibility criteria for the PARSA Grocery Voucher Grant are as follows:

  • Enrolled postgraduate student at the ANU,
  • Unable to afford basic living costs such as food and can provide evidence of financial hardship,
  • If you have already accessed the grocery voucher for Semester 1, 2022 you will be ineligable to access the grant until Semester 2, 2022

Process: Interested applicants must submit a completed application form along with the following documents:

Required documents

  • The application form completed in full           
  • Proof of enrollment in the course (ISIS confirmation) either a printed, screen shot or sighted by Student Assistance Team             
  • Have not accessed the grocery voucher in the current semester             
  • Provide evidence of financial hardship – 30 days bank statement for all bank accounts.

Subject to the individual’s situation, PARSA Student Assistance staff may require the student’s agreement to undertake other supportive activities.

Download the PARSA Grocery Voucher Grant application form and submit to

Additionally, PARSA and ANUSA provides a free continental breakfast for students during the teaching term. Breakfast is available from the BKSS 8am – 10am, Monday to Friday.

PARSA Palooza Farewell Ball?:

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