PARSA Family Safety Grant (Pilot)

PARSA Family Safety Grant (Pilot )

Purpose: The PARSA Pilot Family Safety Program is available to enrolled ANU postgraduate students.  The grant aims to provide financial assistance to currently enrolled post-graduate students who are experiencing or who have experienced domestic or family violence or unsafe home life.

The PARSA Family Safety Program is able to provide a maximum of $300 worth of prepaid VISA and/or Big W vouchers per postgraduate student, per semester.

Semester 1 includes : Summer Session, First Semester and Autumn Session.

Semester 2 includes : Winter Session, Second Semester and Spring Session.

Eligibility criteria

  • Enrolled as a postgraduate student at the Australian National University.
  • Unable to secure/afford costs such as accommodation, relocation, medical/therapeutic, food, transport, clothing and essential household items.

Required Actions

  1. The student will connect with the Student Assistance team to discuss their situation and talk through the support options available from PARSA Student Assistance.
  2. The student may include their support person (such as a DV caseworker), in any meetings or correspondence. The student may also, if required, nominate their support person to act on their behalf, by advising PARSA in writing of their preferences and permissions.
  3. Staff will advise the student (either in person, by phone or email) the outcome of their application and the total amount of vouchers that will be provided (Provided in $100 amounts).
  4. A copy of the student’s current ANU ID card, with a copy of the vouchers (with serial number showing clearly) will be taken and stored as part of the application documentation.

An application of the PARSA Family Safety Grant does not automatically guarantee payment of funds. PARSA has the discretion to assess and decide applications based on the information provided.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the information required at time of application. The application will be based on the information submitted; PARSA can request further information where required.

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