Family Supplement Grant


The purpose of the PARSA Family Supplement Grant is to provide emergency financial assistance to eligible enrolled postgraduate students with dependents who are experiencing sudden or unexpected financial hardship that is adversely affecting their education.  

The main criteria for the grant are the demonstration of genuine need and that continued study may be in jeopardy. Students are also meant to have accessed the PARSA Emergency Grant (PEG), prior to accessing the PARSA Family Supplement Grant.

While individual circumstances may vary, the following are examples of what the grant may cover, if the inability to afford them is due to an emergency:

  • Childcare or schooling,
  • Renting larger properties
  • Supplying more food, clothing, etc.


  • Tuition/ course related fees
  • Paying off credit card and other debts
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Research or vacation travel
  • Leisure activities
  • Student Visa or other immigration-related expenses
  • Cost related to end-of-lease and vacating of property

Applicants must:

  • Already have successfully accessed the PARSA Emergency Grant within 30 days
  • Have their dependents living with them in Australia
  • Able to demonstrate genuine need

How to fund works:

An application of the PARSA Family Supplement Grant does not automatically guarantee payment of funds. PARSA has the discretion to assess and decide applications based on the merit of the information provided. If the grant is approved, funds are to be paid either directly to the applicant, or to an alternate destination at the discretion of PARSA.

If a PARSA Family Supplement Grant application is not successful, this decision is final and as such further information cannot be provided after the decision. If additional details have become available that may affect the outcome of an application, then the applicant is encouraged to re-apply with a new application.

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