Accommodation Seeker

Accommodation Seeker

Graduate students have a variety of different options when it comes to accommodation. There are a number of graduate residences on campus, ANU rental properties as well as living off-campus in a rental property or share accommodation.

  1. ANU Student Residences: There are 11 residences that provide a set amount of accommodation specifically for graduate students. Accommodation is in high demand and cannot be guaranteed.
  2. National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS): As an NRAS approved accommodation provider, The Australian National University, with the support of the ACT Government, provides an additional 1,000+ affordable beds for students. This includes 118 beds in Ursula Hall – Laurus Wing Stages 1A & 2, 491 beds in Warrumbul Lodge and 558 beds in Lena Karmel Lodge.
  3. ANU Rental Properties: ANU owns a small number of rental properties in Canberra as “staging” accommodation to new graduate students.
  4. Housing Online: An online accommodation notice board that advertises private rental, share accommodation, private board and accommodation wanted. Properties are located all over Canberra. Very helpful for students looking for accommodation off-campus.
  5. Renting: Helpful tips for students wanting to rent a property off-campus. Information about locations, budgets and dealing with real estate agents can be found here.

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