COVID-19 Support

The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly, and we at PARSA want to provide you with continued support as the safety and wellbeing of our community remains our first priority.

This page includes information on helpful resources and support services. 


COVID-19 Extension Scholarship for PhD Students

The ANU are currently offering a COVID-19 Extension Scholarship. The aim of this Scholarship is to provide funding for outstanding domestic or international candidate(s) to enable them to continue their research after a period of extreme disruption to their program and research due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Further information about this Scholarship can be found here: 

If submitting an application for the Scholarship, your response must answer the following questions:

  • Describe what the impact has been and what mitigating strategies were considered.
  • Justify why this disruption requires the length of extension you have applied for and include a timeline to completion.
  • Specify how close your project is to its previously agreed completion date.
  • Describe changes you have made to your research strategy.
  • Did the original research project continue with adjustments or was an alternate research project required?
  • Did the research and/or fieldwork need to be rescheduled or redesigned?
  • Outline the components of your program that were/ can be completed remotely.
  • Was supervision severely impacted due to remote working?
  • Outline why available leave options were not appropriate in your case.
  • Are there additional training or coursework requirements that have not been able to be completed due to campus closure?


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