Seef success stories


ANU Law Society: Submitted by Matthew Ryan (October 2016)


The program was hugely successful against our expected outcomes. There were two core outcomes anticipated from participating in the 2016 ALSA Conference. 

1. Gaining experience in legal competitions against other universities around Australia; 
The ANU Delegation had three out of five teams break through to the quarter-finals. These were the Witness Examination, Client Interview, and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Mooting teams. The IHL moot team lost in the semis, but picked up the best speaker award. Our Client Interview team won the entire competition and will now represent Australia in the international competition in England next year. Together, all competitors expressed how educational the competition was. Our competitors are keen to bring back what they have learnt to teach other law students at ANU through student judging and coaching. This will be done through the Novice Competitions that are beginning in week four of semester two.

2. Learning from other universities about issues that affect law students and solutions to these issues.

The Conference allowed the ANU to develop stronger ties with over 25 other university law programs. The conference included discussion and resources relevant to mental health in legal education, access and accessibility for students identifying as disabled in legal education and alternate career pathways for law students after university. The resources and discussion on these issues are invaluable for supporting the law student community at ANU through their studies. Different resources will be made available to students through social media and printed copy. Also different programs and events will be run to take into account some of the issues addressed at Conference.

College of Arts & Social Sciences: Submitted by Katherine Carrington (May 2016)


We set out to achieve greater cohesion within the College of Arts & Social Sciences and to promote & support the events that Arts-based Clubs/Societies on campus are already putting in. Overall, we reached this aim. The Arts Exhibition saw School of Art students engage with the wider ANU community and non-art CASS students engaging with the School of Art.


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