O-Week is the BIGGEST week for postgraduates in 2018, and we need your help to make it a success!

We're looking for friendly, hard-working and dedicated volunteers to help before, during and after O-Week [9 July to 20 July 2018] and Welcome Week [23 July to 28 July 2018].

Volunteering in O-Week and Welcome Week provides you with exciting opportunities and valuable experience to make contacts, build networks and bring life to PARSA events.

You also receive access to PARSA events, a PARSA jumper and you can use your volunteering hours towards the ANU+ program. Volunteers must be able to assist for a minimum of three days during the 2-week schedule (O-Week + Welcome Week). There are also a limited number of roles for volunteering pre and post events.

This is your opportunity to shape people's first impressions of ANU and contribute to the most important student representative body at the ANU.

Make your impact - Fill in the form below and volunteer with PARSA!




Want to make new friends from around the world? Interested in working on advocacy campaigns and initiatives to make a real difference in students' lives? If so, add your details to the PARSA Volunteer Registry.

We're looking for ANU postgraduate students who want to work with our elected officers to organise social events and deliver positive change on campus for our members. Volunteering with PARSA is a great way to learn about the work of student associations, meet students from different colleges and build a stronger postgraduate community at ANU, and develop new skills that cen be used to further your career goals.

Let us know what you are interested in helping out with by signing up on the Volunteer Registry and we will be in touch when opportunities arise.

Contact PARSA

PARSA Office
Melville Hall, Building 12
Ellery Crescent
Australian National University
Canberra ACT 2601

Office Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
Call Us: +61 (02) 6125 4187
Write to Us: parsa@anu.edu.au