Indigenous Health Grant

The PARSA Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Grant’s aim is to provide support to Indigenous post-graduate students in meeting the costs of health and wellbeing programs and activities.

For example:

  • Gym memberships, classes and packages
  • Set up fees for sports teams/clubs
  • Mental health supports and related costs

PARSA may provide currently enrolled post-graduate Indigenous students with up to $300 per semester to assist with the costs of health and well-being related services.


  • Be currently enrolled as a post-graduate at the ANU
  • Be supported by the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre
  • Be actively engaged with a health, fitness or mental health service

Process: Interested applicants must submit a completed application form along with the following documents:

  1. Proof of enrolment (ISIS confirmation)
  2. Evidence of support from the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre
  3. Evidence of appointment/registration/booking costs including payment details for relevant service provider.

PARSA Student Assistance Team will determine, based upon the application, if a student qualifies for the grant and the amount granted.

Successful applicants are required to notify PARSA Student Assistance Team of any changes to the program or the amount required.

Applications and inquires can be directed to

Download the Indigenous Health Grant form and submit to

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