PARSA Premier League - Soccer (POSTPONED)

PARSA Premier League - Soccer (POSTPONED)

PARSA Premier League - Soccer (POSTPONED)

Thu 29 April 2021 09:00-17:00

Willows Oval, ANU


We will be rescheduling the 'PARSA Premier League - Soccer' so that more students can join us. Stay tuned for the updated day and time!


PARSA is excited to announce our very first season of ‘PARSA Premier League’, in collaboration with ANU Sport!

PARSA Premier League aims to build stronger community bonds within our student community. We hope to vitalise your body and mind through the series of games and further strengthen cooperation and resilience among our students. It is also a great opportunity to meet other like-minded students while playing your favourite sport.

For our first season, we will be hosting three competitions with ANU Sport — Badminton, Soccer and Cricket.
PARSA Premier League – Soccer
For those of you who ‘get a kick’ out of FIFA World Cup, this is your chance to shine!

The games will kick off at 9am at the Willows Oval. Each team has 6 players and 4 teams will be playing at the same time before the final game. It will be a round robin tournament, where each team plays against every other team once. Polish your soccer boots and come join us for a vigorous and yet fun tournament!

You can either sign up to join a team or organise your own team (6 players per team).

The winning team will receive a prize.

When: Thursday, 29 April, 9am-5pm
Where: Willows Oval
Price: $5 per player
Registration link:

COVID Safety Information:
This event will include precautions such as electronic collection of contact tracing details for every ticket holder, hand sanitisation stations on entry, increased cleaning of public spaces and high-touch surfaces, and staff and volunteer training in COVID safe procedures.
· Stay home if you are unwell
· Get tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19
· Clean or sanitize your hands before and after practices, games, and sharing equipment.
· Bring your own equipment (e.g. water bottles, towels and bats) to limit shared equipment.
· Stay 1.5m apart from other players where possible

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