How tickets work

How tickets work

This information is current for the 2021 PARSA Annual General Election.

The ticket system, first introduced by PARSA in 2016, allows candidates to group together and identify themselves under a ticket name. This is helpful for candidates who share similar positions on issues to let voters know that, should those on that ticket be elected, they will back the proposals endorsed by the ticket.

If candidates are part of a ticket, the ticket name will be displayed next to the candidate's name on the ballot. 

If candidates do not register under a ticket name, the word "independent" appears next to their name on the ballot.

For more information on:

- The rules governing tickets, see Clause 10 of the Electoral Regulations;

- How to register a ticket, download the Ticket Registration Form; 

- How to find someone looking to join a ticket, contact the Returning Officer at 

- To find out anything related to the election, please contact the PARSA Returning Officer at 





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