Elected PARSA Representatives 2018-2019

The elected PARSA Representatives of the PARSA Annual General Election are:



Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope


Vice President

Sahar Latheef


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer

Casual Vacancy


Coursework Officer

Rittwick Visen


Disabilities Officer

Peter Park


Education Officer

Zoe Tulip


Environment Officer

Lilu Moala


Equity Officer

Bernard Cielo II


Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Officer

Casual Vacancy


International Officer

Yuan Chai


Queer Officer

Ruixin (Alex) Yang


Social Officer

Veli Buti


Women’s Officer

Felippa (Pippa) Amanta


College of Asia & the Pacific (CAP) Officer

Milena Soares (Coursework)

Andree (HDR)


College of Business & Economics (CBE) Officer

Yaowen Cai (Coursework)

Yingnan Shi (HDR)


College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) Officer

Roc Chen (Coursework)

Ankita Gagrani (HDR)


College of Science (CoS) Officer

Jessica Hargreaves (HDR)

Andrew Almonte (HDR)


College of Health & Medicine (CHM) Officer

Emily Sisson (Coursework)

Rebecca Lawrence (HDR)


College of Arts & Sciences (CASS) Officer

Conrad Maclean (Coursework)

Katie Cox (HDR)


College of Law (CoL) Officer

Chris Skoglund (Coursework)

Kate Falconer (HDR)


Postgraduate Student Member of the Council

Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope


Directors of the Board

Alyssa Shaw

Chris Wilson


Julian Widdup





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