Michel Watson

Ticket: Empower

Hello! My name is Michel and I'm running to be the next PARSA president. I’m halfway through my PhD in Science Communication at ANU. Previously I worked as a genetic medical research assistant and science educator back in Perth, Western Australia. 

I formed Empower for the same reason I wanted to join PARSA in the first place; to create a better academic and social experience for all postgraduates at the ANU. I believe that there is a space for genuine, innovative and most of all, empowering leadership within the postgraduate community. My team and I are leading that change.

Currently, I'm the PARSA College of Science representative. My involvement within the organisation has included volunteering at O-weeks, co-director of Women's Week 2018 and co-organiser of the Sex and Consent Series. I’ve been fortunate to represent PARSA on many working groups and committees concerned with physical and mental health, respectful relationships, improving student-supervisor relationships and making our ANU campus a safe space to live, work and grow.

My promise to you as PARSA President is to put your interests at the heart of your postgraduate representative body. I will ensure that your time as a postgraduate at the ANU is academically, socially and personally fulfilling. As president, I want you to have a postgraduate experience worthy of Australia's National University. 

You can learn more about what our team stands for here on our website and can follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope

Ticket: Vision 

Hello everyone, my name is Zyl and for the past year I have served as the Vice President of PARSA.

As VP, I have tirelessly promoted the rights and wellbeing of all postgraduate students. As the leader of the Home Away from Home campaign, I have passionately advocated for students who are seeking accommodation in Canberra. I have been a major contributor to the success of PARSA’s governance reform project reviewing our constitution, the development and launch of the PARSA Strategic Plan, and the rewriting of our grants system, among many other things.

I have been honoured to serve as your Vice President, which is partly why I am running for President this year with Vision for PARSA. We want to build on the work of PARSA over the past year and ensure not only its continuing success but also that it is led by a passionate and invigorated leadership to take it into the future as a world-leading student association.

Over the past year I have heard firsthand the many issues facing our diverse postgraduate students. I worked collaboratively to identify areas of major improvement where the ANU needs to reform and where PARSA can develop to best support and advocate for you. I have built strong relationships with the ANU and I firmly believe that, if you elect me and my team, our vision will ensure a vibrant postgraduate community for all. 

Please visit our team website to learn more about our vision, values, and policies!

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