Portfolio Officers

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer (Casual Vacancy)


Coursework Officer

Sita Naik

Ticket: Empower

Hello everyone! My name is Sita and I study Juris Doctor at the College of Law. I am very excited to be running for the position of Coursework Officer. I moved from Malaysia to Melbourne in 2014 to pursue a degree in Politics and English Literature.

Social work has always been an important part of my life. I was my school’s Community Service Director, Social Work member while at Queen’s College in Melbourne and a part of the Financial Ombudsman Service Access Working Group during my time there. I would now like to use my experience to work toward improving conditions for my fellow coursework students.

The new position of Coursework Officer under the Education portfolio, will allow for a more focused and supportive approach towards advocacy.

As a part of my role, I would like to:

  • Make your voice heard. Further develop the Education Subcommittee by utilising coursework representatives.
  • Remove access barriers for international students including understanding program requirements that affect visas and create financial burden.
  • Prioritise mental health by promoting buddy programs and expanding the ‘Shut Up and Write’ program for new and existing students.
  • Work with the Academic Skills and Learning Centre to increase availability of one-on-one consultations for postgraduate students

Postgraduate studies can get overwhelming at the best of times. I will work to promote greater support for coursework students and ensure that they know their voice will always be heard.

For more information about Empower, follow us on:

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Rittwick Visen

Ticket: Vision

A Marketer by Zeal, A Photographer by Reel and An Entertainer by Appeal

Hello everyone, I am Rittwick Visen from India, currently, studying Marketing Management at the ANU College of Business & Economics.

I’ve volunteered for several events conducted by PARSA and was the official photographer for “Orientation Week”. This experience  gave me an opportunity to closely understand the vision of PARSA for students.

I am running for the position of “Coursework Officer” for PARSA with a vision of bringing a positive change in the area of academic development, better community inclusiveness and a vibrant environment.

Being a coursework student, I have experienced the challenges faced by the students such as “delay in grading of assignments, problems with course enrolment, last minute changes in course outline, Lectures and tutorials at different locations with no time gap”

Under the ticket “Vision for PARSA”, our aim is to provide students with consistent  support, advocacy on complex matters, and helping them with their rights & university’s policies.

As an international student, I can relate to the problems that the students are facing, starting from academics to accommodation, food to finance, migration laws to mental health.

I look forward to work closely with the students and be their voice in the university.

We “Vision for PARSA” are a team of diversified and focused individuals who believe in a collaborative approach with common goals & principles values to make ANU more Vibrant for your better tomorrow. 

Make your Mission, Vote for Vision.


Disabilities Officer

Rahul Ravi

Ticket: Vision 

Hello fellow post grads!

I am Rahul from India and am doing my Masters in Energy Change at the ANU. I am running for the position of Disabilities officer at PARSA with a vision to provide a safer and stress-free environment for my fellow students with disabilities.

Being an international student as well as a person with disability, I have both experienced and observed the various issues that students with disabilities face on a day-to-day basis both on and off campus. While some of these are currently being addressed at ANU, I still feel there are more things that can be done to provide a hospitable environment especially for post graduate students with disabilities. Also, with many of us being away from family and loved ones, this experience could definitely be stressful and it becomes important for us to support each other in such situations. I believe that better interaction between the disabled student community will help provide comfort in managing our day-to-day activities.

As a part of the ticket Vision, I have a wonderful and supportive group of members who share the same vision for the post graduate community. As a team, we will be able to identify and advocate towards overcoming various issues being faced by the disabled student community and help them lead a stress-free life.

This is our vision for the postgraduate community. Please support our vision by voting for us!


Peter Park

Ticket: Empower


I’m halfway through my Juris Doctor after completing my courses at the UNSW and AMC, UTAS in commerce & law. I'm Australian & Global human rights activist, recipient of 2015 & 2017 Australian Leadership Excellence Awards and 2013 Human Rights Award of Korea as Laureate for my human rights works  for disabilities and other vulnerable people. I am also Associate Fellow ('AFIML') and has been a Member of the Institute since July 2014, current PARSA General Representative & ANU Clubs Council Councillor and volunteer for students' rights.

I was UNSW PGC Coursework Officer and involved in making UNSW 2025 Strategy and Disability Action Plan.

With my experience in PARSA and ANU, I apprehend PARSA doesn’t focus on fundamental human rights issues and never has any disability support schemes or action plans.

Hence, I want to be your next Disability Officer with my management skills to call changes and deliver that services including:

- ANU Disability Action Plan

- Medical, Vaccination & Sports Grants and Vouchers for Disability or other vulnerable Postgraduate Students

- Wheelchair-access for ANU Campus Traveller Buses

- Inter-University Support or Advocacy Arrangement for Distance or Disability students

- Group Matching Program for Postgraduate Home Seekers typically with Disability

- Fairer Disability Students Access & Inclusion, ANU Sports, Psychology Clinic and Counselling Services for Postgraduate Disability Students.

Please ask about 'Empower'! ask in English, Korean or French to me!!!

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Education Officer



I am Yantong Liu, an international student studying master of international management now in ANU. I nominated myself as an education officer in PARSA this year. In the following parts, I will demonstrate why I fit this position and what would I do if I am elected successfully.

I am convinced that I am suitable for the education officer for my understanding and teamwork. First, as a current member of the Research School of Management Council, I have a deep understanding of the students’ concerns, especially for students who are studying in the college of business and economics. I have more opportunities to communicate with different discipline students and learn about their expectations for education here. Second, I have been engaging in various university society activities since I was studying for my bachelor degree. I was the vice president of Enactus team at my former university. Hence, I believe that I will be a good team player in PARSA.

I will promote PARSA’s advocacy work on academic issues. For example, cooperating with other officers to hold some workshops which focus on students’ academic concerns and supporting PARSA activities in various ways to achieve the Strategic Plan’s goal. Also, I will work with the stakeholders to improve the students’ experience. For instance, making decisions based on related officers’ feedbacks and voices.



Zoë Tulip

Ticket: Vision

Hi there!

I’m Zoë, and I’m very humbled to be running for the position of Education Officer in the upcoming PARSA elections on the Vision ticket.

After a year working with PARSA as a College of Science representative, I’m very keen to step up to run for this role. Being the Education Officer involves a level of engagement and advocacy across campus that requires a broad skill set. My background correlates with that skill set by spanning across extremely diverse disciplines. Indeed, I’ve already had opportunities to liaise with and become involved in many cross-disciplinary groups across campus, and I’m excited to bring that experience to the Education Officer portfolio.

Having already acquired both a visual arts and a science degree, I have spent the past six years observing change in the education sector locally and nationally. I’m also very interested in accessibility and equity in education, and plan to work very closely with the Equity Officer at PARSA.

I am always open to hearing diverse thoughts, ideas and novel approaches to solving some of the complex problems currently facing the education system within the university, so please find me and say hello. My brain is a giant notebook, and it’s ready to be filled with scribbles representing your thoughts and ideas!

It’s a real pleasure to be running on the Vision ticket, and I’m very much looking forward to working closely with all of you as students as well as the PARSA team in the future!


Environment Officer

Crystal Holt

Ticket: Empower

Hi everyone! My name is Crystal and I am running to be your next PARSA Environmental Representative. My objective is simple – to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus experience for all postgraduate students. My commitment to the environment began when I was young, growing up on a farm in rural Victoria. During this time, I witnessed environmental degradation and climate change occurring right before my eyes through the millennium drought and Black Saturday bush fires. As a result, I have committed myself to improving our environment so that we can all look forward to living long and healthy lives.

Last year, I began the Juris Doctor program here at the ANU. More recently, I moved into the ACT State Coordinator role within the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). I also completed an internship with Environmental Justice Australia, working on key law reform projects around climate change and the regulation of polluters in Australia. These experiences have given me the skills that I need to bring change to the ANU. If elected, I endeavour to create a greener campus by improving accessibility to green transport via the construction of fixed bike pumps and electric car chargers. I hope to increase environmental awareness through education programs, networking events, nature camps, and improvements to our campus waste system. If you’d like to learn more about these initiatives or the Empower Team, please visit our website , follow us on Instagram on Instagram and Facebook.



Lilu Moala

Ticket: Vision

Hi everyone! I’m Lilu, an international student from the Kingdom of Tonga, a small developing country in the Pacific. I’m in my third semester of a Master of Climate Change at the Crawford School of Public Policy.  I’m running for Environmental Officer because I am passionate about addressing environmental issues.

We do not have to wait to graduate to make a difference in the community - there are opportunities to do it now! I believe that postgraduate students can make positive impacts on our surrounding environment through activities and awareness programs run by PARSA, and as Environment Officer, I will support students that are making a difference and contributing to make ANU an environmentally-friendly university. Many postgrad students are already recycling, reducing waste, limiting energy use, choosing food with low carbon footprints, saying no to plastic wrapping, and being proactive on other green issues around the ANU. I will continue PARSA’s strong tradition of environmental advocacy.

I’m running alongside amazing and very capable fellow postgrads on the Vision for PARSA ticket. Please support us to build a sustainable and vibrant postgraduate community for the ANU!


Equity Officer

Bernard Cielo II

Ticket: Vision

A VISION for a more equitable ANU - that is what I am running for.

Hello everyone, I am Bernard Cielo II and I am studying a Masters of Public Policy at the Crawford School. I have been a social protection advocate and a public servant working on social health policy for over 5 years.

The ANU is home to diverse individuals, each defined by their culture, gender, age, and social status. But this diversity is more than just a sum of parts. We become better and stronger by being part of a greater community. 

I am running as Equity Officer for PARSA because I value diversity. With you and with our ticket, I intend to advance the interests of the postgraduate student body. We will build upon the work of PARSA to establish a more representative student association, one that responds to your interests and concerns. We will protect your interests, for fair and just work, international student support, indigenous peoples’ rights, mental health security, disability rights, queer rights, rights against gender discrimination, rights against sexual assault, and all other rights that you care about, in order to create a more inclusive and safe community for all students.

We at VISION for PARSA believe in working towards a more equitable ANU, one that fully captures the diversity of its student body and that puts forward the concerns of even the most marginalized individuals in our community. Stand with us and share our vision



Rajiv Raghavendra

Ticket: Empower

Hi! I’m Rajiv, currently a final year master’s student pursuing a degree in Business Information Systems at CBE. Hoping to be your next equity officer I
believe social justice and human rights are fundamental aspects of University life. As an international student myself I feel that we as people inherent dignity
and the right to be treated equitably. As an active member in student support roles I’ve always been welcoming to a learning environment that is free from
discrimination and harassment. I’ve also worked to enhance diversity through inclusion in local and global communities which has moulded me into a better

As Equity officer, my priorities would be inclined towards improving participation of students from under-represented backgrounds. These include;
Being the voice of marginalised and under-represented groups.

Working closely with international student societies, queer, disability and women’s officers to enhance student experience.

  • Working closely with the University to ensure gender equity and equal epresentation of students from various backgrounds at social events and ANU clubs.
  • To maintain the Ally Network to support LGBTIQ staff and students.
  • Work closely with the university to encourage participation of suitably qualified people with disabilities at all levels of its workforce in order to reflect the diversity of our society.
  • Ensure effective timely responses to students with concerns and difficulties to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

You can learn more about what our team stands for here on our website and can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Officer


Ticket: Empower

My name is Mita Anggaryani, I nominate myself as the higher degree by research officer with The Empower Team. I'm nearly finishing my PhD candidature at the Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science. As an international student, I've had quite distinctive experiences of student's life across some range of issues. I worked with the Indonesian students’ association (PPIA) in 2016-2017 as the advocate team, responsible for the students’ wellbeing. I also involved in some voluntary works with ANUCS since 2015. I believe that ANU has excellent academic environment and culture that built up from the respectful relationships between the staff and the students. I think that a good education system and environment should not be only focused on the infrastructure. But also, it should be able to create a good academic culture. A culture that makes the alumni recognised as part of an excellent educational community. Universities should be aware that they are responsible for creating future leaders, a generation who not only needs to be smart but also 'kind' as human. Becoming a part of PARSA and taking a role as the HDR officer will give me more opportunities to make a contribution to the ANU communities. As the HDR officer, I want to make sure that all HDR students deserve adequate support from their academic environment to finish their study.

You can learn more about what the Empower Team stands for by visiting our Website https://empoweranu.weebly.com/ following us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/empower.anu/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/empower.PARSA/



Heba Al Adawy

Ticket: Vision


I am Heba Al Adawy, a PhD student at the School of Politics and International Relations in the College of Arts and Social Sciences. I am excited to be part of Vision for PARSA team and to run for the position of the HDR officer amidst such a vibrant community of scholars.

I am an international student from Pakistan, researching on no other topic but higher education itself – especially governance and student unions in South Asia. I also bring to the table my experience being a research student (for honors, MPhil, and now PhD) in three different continents – North America, Europe and now Australia.  I served as the Junior Dean of Trinity College at the University of Oxford and a Student Adviser in a small, liberal arts college in Massachusetts. I want to use my experience to bring best practices to our lovely HDR community here at ANU. But most importantly, I want to be a sounding board for your ideas and an advocate for your concerns.

I am a big supporter of PARSA SUAW, but as your HDR officer, I would hope to do even more. Together as Team Vision, we hope to create an environment where we can support each other in big or small ways, whether through informal seminars, HDR socials or coffee-dates with academics; where we can offer support when the going gets rough; and where we can turn what can often seem a daunting and solitary task into a collective and rewarding journey. (word limit reached)


International Student Officer



My name is Alireza, an international PhD student, currently doing research in the JCSMR, ANU. Here, I would like to express my background and enthusiasms to serve as an International Student Officer.

 have been in close touch with academia for more than 7 years in my homeland Iran, and have attended several international programs and workshops in Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Austria), Asia (Japan, China, South Korea), and America (The US and Canada). Based on this background, I can claim that I am well aware of the international students’ demands, preferences, and concerns when living abroad.

My vision is to help international students to adapt into the new environment, encourage them to be more assimilated into the university community and inspire them to proudly present their cultures in the ANU, as a “small but elite” community, in this lucky country. Considering the impacts of language barrier, cultural differences and academic preparedness, I believe that the transition into a new environment can be problematic for both students and community, so this adjustment procedure must be organised as smooth as possible.

As a member of the international student community, and with respect to this fact that I am still a learner who is looking for improving interpersonal skills, I found myself an upright candidate to serve as the International Student Officer.



Yuan Chai

Ticket: Vision

My name is Yuan Chai, I’m a PhD student in the ANU Medical School. I’m running for the PARSA International Student Officer. I’m passionate about the position because I’ve been involved in  student inductions for new Chinese students for the past 2 years, and organising a team aimed to support international students to come to Australia and bridge the gap between cultures. We developed apps sharing house rental information, posted hundreds of articles helping their transition into Australian life. Now I want to do better, to support more international students from many different countries by delivering information, organising workshops, and hosting events in a way that they are comfortable with, so international students better understand and get involved in Australian society. Please vote for me and support our Vision to make ANU better for everyone!



Dhruv Haria

Ticket: Empower

Hello! My name is Dhruv and I am running to be your next International Student Officer. I moved to Canberra at the start of this year to pursue the Master of Actuarial Studies, but I have been an international student for the past 6 years! I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland when I was 17 for an undergraduate degree and over the course of my time there, I went through the lows of being overwhelmed at the new culture, the surroundings and the different backgrounds to the highs of cultivating lifelong relationships and memories, while coming out the other end with a sense of personal growth and development.

As part of my role, I want to

  • Continue to offer rights and welfare support, such as migration and employment rights workshops to support international students – advocating for reduced waiting times to meet with PARSA’s migration advisors.
  • Organise cultural events that engage a wider student community, and bring together international and local students to aid intercultural learning.
  • Connect new and existing students with clubs and societies in an effective manner.
  • Extend PARSAs current social media platform to include WeChat.
  • Help transition to ANU, I aim to provide up-to-date and useful information through ANU channels at the time of acceptance.

It’s hard being an international postgraduate student. I will strive towards ensuring that we have the right support system and adequate resources to make the most of our time at university, academically and socially.

For more information, follow us on:






Charles Xu


My name is Charles Changhan Xu, and I am one of many international student studying at ANU. In fact, I have been an international student for quite some time, since my undergraduate time, in more than one country, and as a result of this I deeply understand what it feels like to be an international student. Almost on a daily basis we, the international students, are facing a variety of challenges that most of the locals don’t have to think about, from the realistic daily hassle in an environment we are so unfamiliar with, to nostalgia – many of us have families and friends literally on the other side of this planet. And yet we have to cross these countless barriers to keep up with our peers, stand up for ourselves in many occasions, sort out all of problems on our own.


This is why I would like to run for the International Student Officer. If I do get elected, I would use my experience and my knowledge to assist all the international students like me. I will use whatever is within my power to help building a positive and supportive international student community, standing up as a collective body for our rights, facing any challenge posed for us, and supporting each other whenever we need it, to proudly graduate from ANU as valuable alumni.


Queer Officer

Ian Smith


Hi, my name is Ian Smith and I’m running for the position of queer officer. I’m currently undertaking my Master’s Degree with the Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy. I’m a proud advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and I would feel honoured and privileged to serve as PARSA’s first ever queer officer. I will be running on a platform of fostering a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ postgraduate students and their established support networks of non-LGBTQ+ friends. In particular, I will focus my attention on organising more supportive networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ friends, as well as bridging the gap between students that are more open with their sexuality and others that might want to keep their sexual and gender preferences private. I want to explore alternate and less public platforms for advertising events, other than just Facebook, in order to respect the privacy of all LGBTQ+ postgraduate students. I would like to also see specific events that bring attention to mental health and well-being issues. I will coordinate with mental health and well-being organisations to host these events in order to address issues specifically impacting all postgraduate students. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet and serve the diverse community that exists within PARSA.

I am running with Team Empower, you can learn more about what Team Empower stands for here on our website https://empoweranu.weebly.com/ and can follow us on Instagram: @empower.anu and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empower.PARSA



Ruixin (Alex) Yang

Ticket: Vision

Hi everyone, I am Alex and I am so proud that I am running to become the first-ever PARSA Queer Officer!

As a proud member of the Queer Advocacy Committee and the postgraduate co-convenor for the ANU Ally Network, I have started working effectively on issues faced by our queer postgraduates already.

Queer students still suffer from bullying and discrimination on campus. It is even worse for our postgraduate queers because we don’t have a strong presence in the public sphere. People do not understand what we have gone through so far. I will be keen to raise awareness of our community throughout ANU and increase our visibility. I also intend to bring new and gayer events, everything from book clubs to nightclubs, both on and off campus. By organising these events, I hope we can build a close and intimate community in which we can feel safe enough to share our feelings and emotions, our happiness and our sorrow. Finally, I want to introduce our fabulous queer postgraduate community to the wider world, to connect it with queer academics, staff, students and people from outside ANU. I will work closely with the ANU Ally Network and other groups and organisations to ensure our campus is a truly diverse and inclusive home for our community where all my dear LGBTIQA+ fellas can thrive and have a beautiful life.

Please vote for me and my team, if you share in our vision for a diverse, vibrant and colourful postgraduate community. (Word limit reached)


Social Officer



Howdy all, My name is Shubhank Dwivedi, y’all can me Hank. I am contesting for the PARSA Social Officer Position.

I am currently in the first semester of my masters degree in International Management. I am from India and graduated in Hospitality Management from Edinburgh Napier University in 2015. Since then, I have worked in resorts, convention centers, hotels and restaurants across the United States and Australia. I enjoy travelling, exploring new places, working out, running and cooking. I am an outgoing person and people’s skill come natural to me.

Being an International Student, I understand that the transition to university life can be appalling while juggling with work, adjusting to the new culture, assignments and meeting academic expectations. If I were elected as the Social Officer, I will work alongside other PARSA officers to build an exuberant, closely knit and warm postgraduate community so that the transition to university feels seamless and to provide an exciting university experience. I strongly believe university is not just about classes, it’s a golden opportunity for students to make lifelong relationships, explore their strengths and bring out the best version of themselves while working towards building a great future.

As the Social Officer, I would like to organize various talent tournaments, multi-cultural dining events and competitions, cultural festivals, runway shows, short exploration trips, regular sport events and wine tasting sessions amongst others.

I look forward to your support to help me provide an unforgettable student experience to all our fellow postgraduate scholars.



Veli Buti

Ticket: Vision

Hello everyone, my name is Velisubuhle Buti and I am a Masters of Public Policy student at the Crawford School. As Social Officer, I will be thrilled to assist PARSA in promoting its outreach programs and social events.

My background includes involvement in the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) sector working with vulnerable people such as orphans, victims of domestic violence, homeless children and the elderly. Our organisation facilitated outreach to vulnerable people through motivational and educational programs, and other activities such as painting and cleaning at orphanages.

My experience has enabled me to have a strong passion for serving others, networking and making a difference in people’s lives.

My primary interests in the Social Officer role with PARSA are to connect students to the organisation and to make access and inclusion easier. Students can become secluded over time, with fears of coming out and seeking help. As Social Officer, I will assist PARSA to identify students in need and enhance its outreach programs. Most importantly, as students we should work hard and play hard. I will ensure the nature of PARSA’s events are impactful and full of fun. My goal is to advocate for diverse social events, connect with students, and make PARSA’s brand alive and vibrant.

My ticket is Vision for PARSA, along with a team of enthusiastic and passionate candidates. We believe in connecting and supporting postgraduate students with dedicated leadership and an enthusiastic and energetic spirit.


Yamila Cajal

Ticket: Empower

Hi everyone! My name is Yamila Cajal and I am running for Social Officer with the Empower Team. I am a first year PhD student at the Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES). I am originally from Chile and I am part of the executive board of the recently reactivated ANU Latin American Students Association (LASA). I have enjoyed being a PARSA volunteer during the last O-week and welcome week and having the opportunity of sharing with many of you in these events.

I would love to be your Social Officer and have the opportunity of contributing to make your postgraduate life an unforgettable experience. I know that an important part of your postgraduate experience is sharing with other students from different disciplines and feeling part of a supportive community. I want to hear from all of you, about your interests and ideas for making the PARSA events the most representative of all our members, reflecting the diversity and cultural richness that characterises the ANU postgraduate community. I also want to build a strong volunteer network, to make more postgrad students get involve in our activities and enjoy the experience of working with people from other schools. As part of our engagement with the students that are parents, we want to continue promoting and supporting family-friendly events to make them feel part of a bigger family that is the ANU postgraduate community.

If you want to know more about us, please visit our website, Facebook and Instagram:





Women’s Officer



I am an international PhD student at College of Engineering and Computer Sciences (CECS). I have worked as an advisor student affairs and advisor Women In Engineering over the last 2 years in Pakistan. I have got an experience of organizing workshops, tours and international summer schools. Here at ANU, I would really like to engage in community building and women empowerment and I think PARSA provides the best platform for that. I am contesting as a candidate for Women’s Officer in PARSA’s general elections 2018. ANU is a perfect paradigm of diverse cultures and an equal opportunity provider to different communities. Institutions that encourage diversity inspire their students to perform at their highest ability and therefore they can serve on global basis. Engaging with people different norms is interesting and it gives a valuable perspective on life. Moreover, it will lead to learn, cope up with difficulties, bring out more useful changes and help the society. My vision is to see society flourishing, youth to be involved in innovation and woman to be equally participating in development. If I am given this opportunity I will make sure that you get new possibilities to make your aspirations a reality. We can together add greater value to the prosperity of humanity. Cheers!




Ticket: Empower

My name is Yumna. I am from Pakistan and I am running for the position of women’s officer. I am doing master’s in public policy and governance, from Crawford School. Before starting my studies in ANU, I worked in the development sector for 6 years, working with local NGOs on gender rights, early child marriage, women’s education, health and leadership. This interest has motivated me to run for the women’s officer position. I want a safer campus for all the students, especially female students. I want our students to be more well informed on issues of sexual abuse, gender violence. I am also advocating for easier and affordable access to counselling and medical services for female students living on and off campus.

 I also want to involve those students who are mother and feel left out of university life, due to lack of affordable child care or lack of infrastructure or services. There should be more and accessible parent rooms, where mothers can take care of their children.

ANU is a home, far away from home, lets cherish our campus and university, and make it a better place for current and future students. 

I am representing Team Empower, please support and check our face book page to learn more about us. Also, do share your ideas with us! We want you to hear from you.



Felippa (Pippa) Amanta

Ticket: Vision

Hello! I’m Pippa, a Master of Public Administration student in Crawford. I’m running as women’s officer for PARSA. My vision is for women to be able to study, work, and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Before coming to the ANU, I managed a local Non-Government Organisation for gender empowerment in Indonesia, so I’m equipped to work on this portfolio.

Many ANU female students are victims of sexual assault and harassment on campus properties. According to the 2017 Australian Human Rights Commission at least 116 students were sexually assaulted in 2016, and at least 841 were sexually harassed. Those identifying as Queer, international students, or disabled students are also more likely to be victims. Two years after this report, ANU has made little progress in response to the issue. I will continue the hard work to ensure a safe campus for students to thrive and to provide justice for victims.

Female students also often face discrimination and barriers in the academic community, either from colleagues, supervisors, or lecturers and tutors. It is a common untold experience across many women in academia. I want to hear your stories and bring them forward. Together, we will build a strong support systems for women at ANU and we will break barriers.

Along with a talented and diverse group of people in the Vision for PARSA team, we can make our vision come true. Visit our team website to learn more about our vision, values, and policies!









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