PARSA Mailing Lists

At PARSA, we heard you tell us in the survey that you want more frequent communications from us that rely less on social media, and are more targeted.

That's why we're launching our PARSA mailing lists. These are self-subscribe lists that we will be using for targeted communications, so you know about the events, opportunities, activities and news that are for you and affect you.

We have some lists that we're able to auto-create through the information that the university shares with us about our membership, so you'll notice that we don't have self-subscribe lists for academic colleges, international students, ATSI students, and gender, but if you believe that your information with the university is incorrect (e.g. your gender according to the university does not match your gender identity), please get in touch with us at and we can update that manually to ensure that you are receiving the right information.

Please log in to change your memberships.

Please log in to change your memberships.

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