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From the President's desk- November 2017


Greetings everyone,

In all likelihood, November has been a busy time with academic deadlines, and the end of the year rapidly approaching. Within this chaotic period, I hope you have carved out some time to take rest and relax, or have some planned for the end of the year. It’s important to take care of yourselves, and one another.

PARSA, as usual, has been busy hosting events, such as our recent Parents Playdate, and continuing our advocacy for postgraduate students. You may have seen that there have been several opportunities to get involved with some of our key projects, such as: PARSA’s delegation to CAPA (closing Wednesday, 15 November), the Postgraduate Respectful Relationships Committee and Union Court Redevelopment Advisory Committee.  

In response to many students concerns on the new 12 week semester, introduced this year, we have created this (extremely quick) survey with ANUSA to get your feedback – please help us out by completing this survey

All the best for the rest of the month and hope to see you at our End of Year Celebration.

Best wishes,

Alyssa Shaw

President | PARSA

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