The ANU has announced that it will no longer be funding PARSA, the student union for postgraduates, who make up 48% of the student population. While PARSA has some reserves and can continue operating for some time, the association is dependent on continued SSAF funding to keep running its advocacy, community building and essential student services. 

ANU has cited governance issues in PARSA as their reason for defunding the entire organisation, ignoring the new constitution created to ensure sound governance in future, and ratified at the Association’s AGM recently.

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PARSA has been representing students since 1960: our work includes advocating for accessible and online classes, pushing the university to make progress on student safety, building postgraduate community through O Week and beyond, and helping students with migration issues, just to name a few. If the university defunds PARSA, we have no guarantee that postgraduates will have an independent association next year and beyond.

The University has a responsibility to ensure that its students have proportionate representation and strong advocacy for student needs, as set out in the Higher Education Support (Student Services, Amenities Representation and Advocacy) Guidelines (2022). 

We ask the ANU to recognise the need for a fully-funded, independent students’ association for postgraduate and research students, and agree to restore SSAF funding.


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What does this mean for PARSA right now?  

The decision by the University to withdraw funding is not reflective of the work and achievements of PARSA in 2022. We will continue to provide services and support as per usual for the remainder of the year.  

Can I still seek support from the Student Assistance/Migration Team? 

Yes, we are continuing to provide services, support and grants as per usual while we work with the University to ensure a successful outcome that best supports the needs and voices of postgraduate students   

Will you still continue to run events and O-Week activities? 

Yes, PARSA will continue to run events for the postgraduate community across all portfolios, including O-Week and the PARSA Ball. 

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