Course Representatives

Many courses across the ANU have elected student representatives within the course who can ensure constructive feedback on the content and structures of the course.

Course Representatives are a core part of student partnership, a principle to which the university has committed. Partnership means “engaging students in meaningful and accessible ways”[1]. You can read ANU’s Student Partnership Agreement here:

Professor Sally Varnham, National Senior Teaching Fellow, has done significant research into what student partnership should look like in Australia. She writes:

  1. 1 - At the heart of student partnership is a commitment of all members of the institutional community working together or co-creating at all levels of the institution in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, where the voice of students is valued and opportunities for student input are promoted to and understood by all students.


  1. 2 - It needs to be recognised as a relationship where all involved are actively engaged and stand to gain from the process of working together. It is to be distinguished from listening to or consulting with students. It can include all levels of an Institution’s operations, from learning and teaching to strategy, direction and governance


  1. 3 - Partnership means all parties working together from the outset through ideas and towards solutions. Involving students from the beginning of decision making, in the identification of issues and ideas and working together towards outcomes is recognised as important. The inclusion of students in all projects, or co-creation, from the start of the idea is strongly recommended.[2]

She specifically highlights course representation as a key place for partnerships, where an “ongoing dialogue towards course enhancement”[3] can be encouraged.

ANUSA and PARSA provide support to ANU’s course representatives, including training at the start of each semester, and ANUSA representatives are the best place to refer more complex and structural advocacy issues.

[1] ANU Student Partnership Agreement

[2] Varnham, S 2017, “Creating a National Framework for Student Partnership in University Decision-Making and Governance: Principles”,

[3] Ibid.

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