Portfolio Officers

Portfolio Officers

Are responsible for, provide leadership in, undertake, and perform any operational day-to-day functions aligned with their portfolio designation as delegated by the Board or as otherwise determined by the President within the scope of the Board's delegated functions of each respective portfolio designation, and are accountable for their assigned budgets.

Education Portfolio Officers

Education Portfolio Officers report to the Education Officer who is a member of the PARSA executive team.

Coursework Officer: Apoorva Raghubanshi
E: parsa.coursework@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Apoorva is studying Environmental and Resources Economics as well as Development Policy from Crawford School of Public Policy. She joined PARSA in 2019. Apoorva is also a General Representative of the Indian Students' Association and a Residental Advisor at Unilodge. Apoorva has a background in working as an external auditor at Deloitte USI. She wants to provide a positive environment with high satisfaction for fellow students and make mental health a priority in every way she can. In her spare time, Apoorva loves listening to music and having a nice cup of coffee.

Apoorva represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Academic Quality Assurance Committee (as observer)
  • Teaching and Learning Development Committee (as observer)
  • Technology Enhanced Learning Group
  • Clubs Council
  • PARSA Education Committee

Higher Degree By Research Officer: Chitresh Saraswat
E: parsa.hdr@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Chitresh Saraswat (pronouns: he/him/his) is elected as the PARSA High Degree by Research (HDR) Officer. He is a computer scientist turned water policy researcher working on strengthening water security & governance in Global South. He has extensive experience working with non-governmental (UN) agencies, embassy, corporates, and student/youth organizations. He joined PARSA to focus on enhancing the overall wellbeing of students and providing an ideal climate to develop research skills. His priorities include creating a system of support/self-help groups for improving mental health on campus, expanding the SUAW (Shut-Up And Write) program and contributing to building a sustainable and inclusive ANU community.

Chitresh represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • University Research Committee
  • Higher Degree Research Committee
  • PARSA Education Committee

Equity Portfolio Officers

Equity Portfolio Officers report to the Equity Officer who is a member of the PARSA executive team.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer: Blake Edwards
E: parsa.atsi@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Blake started studying a Master of Asian and Pacific Studies at ANU in Semester 2, 2018. In June, he returned from a university exchange program to Norway. He was helped out a lot by the Norwegian student volunteers and he wants to do the same for the students at ANU this year by getting more involved in the community and programs that foster community on campus. He aims to develop a deeper understanding of how Australia can move towards cooperation and reconciliation in the future.

Blake represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group
  • Clubs Council
  • PARSA Equity Committee
  • PARSA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee (Chair)

Disabilities Officer: Jahidul Islam
E: parsa.disabilities@anu.edu.au

Job Description       


Jahid is from Bangladesh and is studying a Master of Climate Change at Crawford School. He is a recipient of the DFAT Australia Award Scholarship. Being an international postgraduate student with a disability, and newly elected as PARSA officer for the student with disabilities, he is enthusiastic to work for better inclusion for postgraduate student communities. Before coming to Australia, he worked to mainstream disability in the community, and promote accessible infrastructure and inclusive education for youth with disabilities. He was very active in the disability rights movement in Bangladesh.

Jahid represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Healthy University Working Group
  • Disability Action Plan Working Group
  • PARSA Equity Committee
  • PARSA Disabilites Advisory Committee

International Student Officer: Naomi Otoo
E: parsa.international@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Naomi represents PARSA on the following committee:

  • PARSA Equity Committee

Queer Officer: Weliton Menario Costa
E: parsa.queer@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Weli (pronouns: he/him/his) is the new PARSA Queer Officer. He has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the Federal Institute of Espirito Santo, Brazil, with an exchange at Griffith University, Australia, and he is currently undertaking his PhD in the Division of Ecology and Evolution at the Research School of Biology. As a proud queer postgraduate student, he is very excited about his new role, as it means spending more time engaging with the fantastic LGBTIQA+ community on campus! People have described Weli as ‘the very passionate karaoke singer’ and ‘the quite entertaining random dancer’ based on his previous participation in university social events.

Weli represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • PARSA Equity Committee
  • PARSA Queer Advocacy Committee (Chair)

Women's Officer: Nicole Molyneux
E: parsa.womens@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Nicole (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a Sociology PhD student doing research about feminist activism. She is the newly elected Women’s Officer and her vision is to make the ANU a safer place for women-identifying and non-binary students to live, study, work and play. She wishes to elevate the voices of women-identifying and non-binary students, as she believes they deserve to feel safe on campus and to have equal access to educational opportunities.

Nicole represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Respectful Relationships Working Group
  • Gender Equity Working Group
  • Respectful Relationships Student Working Group
  • PARSA Equity Committee

Other Portfolio Officers

The Other Portfolio Officers report directly to the Vice-President who is a member of the PARSA executive team.

Environmental Officer: Suchir Patil

E: parsa.environment@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Suchir (pronouns: he/him/his) is studying a Master of Earth Sciences. He wants to fight for justice on the small and the large issues, like making PARSA plastic-free and eventually make the whole ANU campus a plastic-free zone. He will also be promoting and influencing the diverse ANU community to realise it is all of our responsibility to take care of nature, and collectively work towards preserving and protecting the environment.

Hiking several times in the Himalayas brought him closer to nature, and has inspired him to enhance community environmental awareness.

Suchir represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Environment Management Planning Committee
  • Campus Advisory Forum
  • Grand Graduations Steering Committee

Social Officer: Kanishk Kumar

E: parsa.social@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Kanishk represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Grand Graduations Steering Committee
  • Kambri Reference Group

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