Portfolio Officers

Equity Portfolio Officers

Equity Portfolio Officers report to the Equity Officer who is a member of the PARSA executive team, and are responsible for, provide leadership in, undertake, and perform any operational day-to-day functions aligned with their portfolio designation.


Disabilities Officer - Ruth Mills 

Ruth is a proud autistic woman (she/her or they/them) who doesn't identify as being disabled. Which is a bit of a contradiction given her role as PARSA disabilities officer. She grew up on Nyoongar Country and moved to Ngunnawal-Ngambri Country when she started at ANU as an undergraduate in 2004. In her first attempt at doing a PhD at ANU, Ruth tried to adapt to the default expectations for typical PhD students. That didn’t go so well. In PhD attempt 2, Ruth has switched her focus to supporting the ANU to adapt to her. Ruth brings her unique approach to subversive students to her role at PARSA and will be strongly advocating for the ANU to get its act together on accessibility and adjustability.

E: parsa.disabilities@anu.edu.au

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Environmental Officer - Mark Shaw 

Mark Shaw (pronouns: He/Him) is part of the College of Business and Economics, undertaking a Masters of Business Administration, and is the PARSA Environment Officer. A passionate environmentalist and social responsibility advocate with twenty years’ worth of industry experience Mark is an avid storyteller who hopes to foster a sense of ownership and empower the student community to achieve positive environmental outcomes in their personal and professional lives.

E: parsa.environment@anu.edu.au

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First Nations Officer - Garth Morrison 

Garth Morrison is a 3rd Juris Doctor student. Garth’s focus in his studies is vulnerable people’s access to justice. Wince finished his degree, he hopes to contribute to the community by improving vulnerable people’s access to the law as well as their experience with the Australian justice system.

E: parsa.atsi@anu.edu.au

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International Officer - Luka Vandebroek 

Luka Vandebroek (she/her) is a Master of Anthropology at the College of Arts & Social Sciences. As the International Officer of PARSA, she aims to improve all stages of the international student experience. She especially hopes to foster connection within the international student community and between domestic and international students, by organizing cultural exchange events and by laying the foundation for a new international student buddy system at ANU.

E: parsa.international@anu.edu.au

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Parents & Carers Officer - Claudia Wilson 

Avid tea-drinker and classic rock enthusiast, Claudia (she/her) is currently studying an Advanced Master of Applied Anthropology and Development. She draws from personal experience as a postgraduate student and single parent into her role as the Parents and Carers' Officer and is passionate about ensuring parents and carers have a range of study options to fit their study needs and get the most out of their time at ANU. Claudia has spent most of her academic career as a studying parent and knows first-hand that the students she represents have a special sense of dedication to be where they are today. If you see this pink-haired rascal on campus, come to say hello!

E: parsa.parents@anu.edu.au

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Women’s Officer - Jiayi Shen 

Jiayi Shen (pronouns she/her/hers) is an international student in the final year of her Master of Computing. As the Women’s Officer of PARSA, she is eager to foster a respectful environment and speak up for women, including both cisgender and transgender women, as well as those with complex gender identities who associate in some way with the term woman. She is prepared to support more women with their academic pursuits, mental health, security and any other related issues, as well as build a safer and more comfortable space for women on campus.

As a large part of ANU, the voices of women need to be heard. She is quite looking forward to being responsible for devising and leading the organisation’s work on women's issues at ANU. She will keep advocating on behalf of the community and building a strong network for ANU postgraduate female students.

E: parsa.womens@anu.edu.au

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Queer Officer - Josia Paska 

Josia Paska (they/them) is completing their master’s degree at the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Josia had been involved in the queer* student community during their study in the United States. They have also done several research works focusing on the Indonesian LGBTIQA+ community. As a Queer* Officer, they hope to build a more inclusive and welcoming community for queer* students.

E: parsa.queer@anu.edu.au

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Wellbeing Officer - Owen Mathews

Owen Mathews (He/Him) is the PARSA Wellbeing Officer as elected in October 2022. He is currently a postgraduate student studying for a Master of International Relations. He's friendly and approachable, so feel free to contact him at any time about any issues. If you do feel you need any assistance at all, be sure to reach out and Owen will do his utmost to help you through whatever you happen to need help with.

E: parsa.welfare@anu.edu.au

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