Executive Committee

The Executive is the senior management team of PARSA and is comprised of the President, Vice President, Equity Officer, Social Officer, HDR Officer, Coursework Officer, and any other PRC members selected by the President. The Executive team members provide greater management and operational oversight of the financial, legal and strategic activity of the organisation and contribute to the decision-making of the organisation on an operational level.



E: parsa.president@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Vice-President: Delephene Fraser

E: parsa.vp@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Equity Officer: Arushi Ganguly

E: parsa.equity@anu.edu.au

Job Description

Arushi Ganguly (she/her, pronounced ah-roo-shee) is a Masters of International Relations (Advanced) student with the Coral Bell School. She is a passionate intersectional feminist advocate who researches and works in the feminist space and has been a queer advocate in Australia and in her country, India. She has previously served as the Queer Officer for PARSA in 2020-2021. She presently works for the ACT LGBTIQ+ Ministerial Advisory Council as a Council Member. Academically, she works in the feminist and critical space within International Relations. She is completing her Master's thesis which explores the media narratives of women terrorists in Australia. She is often found hiding away from her responsibilities in the aisles of the Menzies Library.


Social Officer: 

E: parsa.social@anu.edu.au

Job Description



Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Officer: Gunjan Dixit

E: parsa.hdr@anu.edu.au

Job Description 

Gunjan (she/her) is a computational biologist from India, pursuing PhD in the Department of Genome Sciences at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. Her research involves NGS data analysis and building deep learning models for predicting cell-type-specific gene expression. She did her Masters in Bioinformatics from Manipal University, India, and worked as a research assistant in Jawaharlal Nehru University, India for two years prior to coming to Australia. With almost five years of experience in research, she understands the expectations, challenges and responsibilities associated with Higher Degree by Research and would therefore advocate for HDR students as part of PARSA. She is fond of music, Bollywood dancing and reading.


Coursework Officer: Tristan Yip

E: parsa.coursework@anu.edu.au

Job Description

Tristan Yip (pronouns: he/him/his) is a second-year Juris Doctor student, and holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in history. As Coursework Officer, he hopes to be an effective advocate in ensuring university policy is specifically tailored to address the academic needs of postgraduate students. In particular, Tristan is looking to facilitate the provision of support services which help further postgraduate academic interests, such as expanding the Shut Up and Write program to encompass coursework students. He also works closely with PARSA's College coursework reps to ensure coursework students from all faculties are well-represented.

Tristan represents PARSA on the following committees:

- Alumni Awards Committee

- Academic Board

- Academic Quality Assurance Committee

- Teaching-Enhanced Learning Reference Group

- Teaching and Learning Development Committee


General Secretary: Eleanor Cooper

E: parsa.secretary@anu.edu.au


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