Executive Committee

The Executive is the senior management team of PARSA and is comprised of the President, Vice President, Equity Officer and Education Officer, and any other PRC members selected by the President. The Executive team members provide greater management and operational oversight of the financial, legal and strategic activity of the organisation and contribute to the decision-making of the organisation on an operational level.

President: Utsav Gupta

E: parsa.president@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Utsav Gupta is the President of PARSA for the 2019-2020 term. He endeavors to steer PARSA strategy, and lead a diverse team of capable individuals to support all postgraduate and research students, advocate for their wellbeing, and build a vibrant community.

Previously, Utsav served as the Vice-President of PARSA from May 2019, and supported the then President, Zyl. Utsav represented the student voice at multiple university levels, and among other activities, advocated for academic integrity and student worker’s rights. He contributed to the planning and implementation of community-building activities including Global Café, Speed Friending, Big Day, Nightglow Bonfire Festival, Monthly Meet-Ups, Snow Trip and Postgraduate Welcome Evening.

Utsav is currently studying a Master of Anthropology at ANU and works for ANU Careers as a Careers Officer. After completing his undergraduate degree (Bachelors of Engineering) in 2012, Utsav gained professional experience working for a multinational organisation in various roles in IT consulting and HR management. Personally he likes to spend time binge watching Netflix, playing squash and table tennis, and engaging in stimulating conversations on a variety of topics.

Utsav represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • ANU Council
  • Campus Planning Committee (as an observer)
  • ANU Finance Committee (as an observer)
  • Honorary Degrees Committee
  • Kambri Committee
  • University Naming Committee
  • Campus Development Advisory Committee
  • SSAF Committee
  • University House Board of Fellows
  • Alumni Awards Committee
  • Vice-Chancellor's Awards
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Oversight Committee
  • Respectful Relationships Student Working Group

Vice-President: Elena Sheard

E: parsa.vp@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Elena (pronouns: she/her/hers) is currently doing a PhD in Linguistics as part of the Sydney Speaks project. She nominated for the role of Vice President because she believes that the organising and advocacy performed by students for students is essential to ensuring that postgraduate students have a positive university experience.

She was involved in the executive committees of two student societies (Italian society and Wind Orchestra) during her undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney. Being involved in PARSA has been a very positive experience, and she would like to contribute to its future growth, and assist in addressing issues faced by postgraduate students.

Elena represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Academic Board
  • University Research Committee
  • Respectful Relationships Working Group
  • Library Advisory Committee
  • Gala Awards Steering Committee
  • Student Extracurricular Enrichment Fund (SEEF) Committee
  • Respectful Relationships Student Working Group (Co-Chair)

Education Officer: Eve Walker

E: parsa.education@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Eve Walker (pronouns: she/her) is a second year student in the Juris Doctor Program. She is currently serving as the Social Director (JD) on the Law Students' Society, and is an Editor for the Kosciusko Review. Her main areas of interest involve foreign policy, social justice, and decreasing access barriers within the legal profession. As part of PARSA she aims to give law students a voice within the wider student body.

Eve represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Academic Board
  • University Research Committee (as Observer)
  • Academic Quality Assurance Committee
  • Teaching and Learning Development Committee
  • Beyond SELT Steering Committee
  • Student Survey Working Group
  • PARSA Education Committee (Chair)

Equity Officer: Epi Terbio

E: parsa.equity@anu.edu.au

Job Description


Epifanio Gregorio, or simply, Epi is an international student from the Philippines and in his first year in the Juris Doctor Program. He currently serves as a First Year Officer for the ANU Law Student Society (LSS), a member of the Senior Resident Team at Toad Hall and the Vice President of External Affairs for the ANU Filipino Association (ANUFA). As part of PARSA, his main agenda is to facilitate needed coordination and inter-operability between PARSA and the LSS to develop programs and activities for the benefit of postgraduate law students, while also being a voice for postgraduate law students to express any feedback or suggestions to the postgraduate student community.

Epi represents PARSA on the following committees:

  • Childcare Liaison Committee
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access Oversight Committee
  • Family Friendly Committee
  • Disability Action Plan Working Group
  • Social Inclusion and Diversity Working Group
  • Student Extracurricular Enrichment Fund (SEEF) Committee
  • Respectful Relationships Student Working Group
  • PARSA Queer Advisory Committee
  • PARSA Disabilities Advisory Committee
  • PARSA ATSI Advisory Committee
  • PARSA Womens Advisory Committee
  • PARSA Equity Committee (Chair)

Contact PARSA

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Office Hours:

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