Executive Committee

The Executive is the senior management team of PARSA and is comprised of the President, Vice President, Equity Officer, HDR Officer, Coursework Officer, and any other PRC members selected by the President. The Executive team members provide greater management and operational oversight of the financial, legal and strategic activity of the organisation and contribute to the decision-making of the organisation on an operational level.


President - Tristan Yip

Tristan Yip (pronouns: he/him/his) is a second-year Juris Doctor student and holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in history. As President of PARSA, he represents the interests of postgraduate and research students in high-level ANU decision-making committees. He also works with the rest of the executive team to ensure PARSA's smooth operation in line with the strategic aims of the Association. Tristan hopes to work with the University to build a new model for student representation that acknowledges the diversity and importance of the postgraduate community. He is also committed to ensuring the continuation of PARSA's student support and community-building activities in a way that addresses the unique interests and needs of postgraduate students. 

E: parsa.president@anu.edu.au

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Vice President - Neil Pollock

Neil Pollock (He/Him); Juris Doctor @ COL; Vice President; I am a current postgraduate student at the ANU studying a Juris Doctor. 

With over 25 years of business experience across a range of industries and geographies, including a number of senior executive roles in the last decade, I have a deep understanding of what it takes to work collaboratively to achieve timely outcomes in pressure environments. I also have firsthand experience balancing work, study and other commitments. I am acutely aware of the challenges postgraduate and research students face on a day-to-day basis.

I also know what it means to work as part of a team and support the leadership while meeting my own obligations. The Vice President role is an important one for PARSA given recent announcements from the University. Supporting the President and the PARSA team to deliver critical projects and representing the organisation to both the ANU and external parties are all roles in which i'm very well versed.
As an experienced global executive, if successful, I commit to bringing my deep business experience to enable PARSA to achieve its goals through active engagement with the PARSA community in a professional, collaborative and outcome-focussed manner. I am committed to preserving the integrity of the postgraduate voice.

E: parsa.vp@anu.edu.au

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Social Officer - Yalan Chen

Yalan Chen (She/Her/Hers) is an emerging Artist enrolled in the Master of Contemporary Art Practices majoring in Painting from ANU School of Art and Design. She also held a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Leadership and Management.  

In her past term as CASS coursework officer, Yalan has successfully organised, delivered and led programs such as visiting the National Museum of Australia, and National Gallery of Australia, Postgraduate-orientated Time Management course and Cross-Disciplinary social events for students. Yalan is enthusiastic about improving social life for postgraduate student. 

For this coming term, Yalan plans to design and deliver creative social programs in addition to recurrent PARSA events such as PARSA unwind and PARSA ball. Her goal as Social Officer is about delivering social programs not only will provide networking opportunities but also will provide students with environments to connect with First Nation Culture and History, Local Australian Culture, International Art and Music knowledge, Research Career Development, Mindfulness Mental Health Care and Family Engagement Programs. 

Yalan looks forward a very vibrant year with you as your Social Officer. Please do not hesitate to email her about any ideas you have to together enrich our student social life!

E: parsa.social@anu.edu.au

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Coursework Officer - Akrti Tyagi

Akrti Tyagi (she/her) is an International Relations postgraduate student at the College of Asia and Pacific with a background in Law. She is dedicated, passionate, and committed to making a positive difference for all coursework students

During her tenure as CAP Coursework Officer, she extensively represented and advocated for CAP postgraduate and HDR students at both university and college-level meetings. She has been an active member of the PARSA SASH working group and assisted in organising PARSAs Coursework Shut up and Write Program. As a member of PARSA, she aims to deeply engage with the postgraduate community and work towards developing a holistic and enriching experience for all the students.
With her past experiences and enthusiasm for student activism, as Coursework Officer, she aims to work in collaboration with the postgrad community to effectively and efficiently listen to and represent their interests and help in transitioning to a new model for postgraduate representation. Along with effective representation, she strives to create a positive, safe and enriching community for all postgraduate students and facilitate a wholesome experience for all.

E: parsa.coursework@anu.edu.au

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HDR Officer - Irina Samsonova

Irina Samsonova (She/her) is a 3rd year anthropology PhD student from the College of Arts and Social Sciences. Irina is an International student from a First Nations background, and she feels passionate about protecting and fighting for the rights and wellbeing of students from all over the world. As an HDR Officer, Irina aims to make sure that the needs of ANU HDR students are addressed and the rights - protected. Irina will particularly focus on issues of SASH, late-stage research students' support, students' mental and emotional wellbeing initiatives, and on making sure that HDR students' interests are appropriately represented during the transition to a new model of a student representative body.

E: parsa.hdr@anu.edu.au

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Equity Officer - Sharrada Segeran

Sharrada Segeran (She/Her) is a third-year Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD) student at ANU and holds a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Hons). She has represented PARSA in the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the IDEA Governance Committee which provides strategic oversights and policy reviews to the ANU. As the Equity Officer at PARSA, she hopes to organize more community-building events, strengthen peer support and conduct more student drop-in sessions. She has a special interest in mental health, she is the Founder and Director of Mind Matters Network, a youth-led NGO focused on improving youth mental health. She strives to push ANU to review the mental health strategy (dated 2016), encourage more conversations around mental well-being and promote free mental health screenings. She strongly advocates for inclusion and representation to ensure all students are well supported and get the best possible student experience at ANU.

E: parsa.equity@anu.edu.au

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General Secretary - Jacob de Keijzer

Can I do this later, please? 

E: parsa.secretary@anu.edu.au









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