Board Membership

Hao Min (Chair)

Hao joined the PARSA board in October 2019 and hopes to use his skills and experience to contribute to enhancing postgraduate students’ experience. 

Hao is working full-time in the Commonwealth government in policy and research, and part time as a sessional teacher at the University of Canberra College. 

Hao is currently completing an MBA at ANU, specialising in entrepreneurship and innovation. He founded the ANU MBA Students and Alumni Association in 2019 after discovering a lack of student body advocating for MBA students at the ANU. He is also a member of the ANU Research School of Management’s student council and the Food Co-op’s communications working group. Hao is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation and has been volunteering at InnovationACT since 2017, assisting entrepreneurs with business models and pitching. 

Hao holds Bachelors of Actuarial Studies and Statistics at the University of Melbourne and has work experience in the public sector across innovation, stakeholder engagement, project management, data analysis and government policy/research. He was also previously a co-founder and CEO of a social venture based in Canberra. 


Eve Walker (President, ex officio)

Eve Walker (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a third year Juris Doctor student with a background in political science and history. As President of PARSA, she represents postgraduate students on ANU Council, campus planning committee and the ANU Finance Committee. She is also the Policy and Research Advisor for the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA).  

In 2018, Eve was granted a New Colombo Scholarship to complete her final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong. Having a passion for Sino-Japanese relations, studying at the ANU seemed like the most appropriate choice. Moving forward, she is interested in furthering her understanding of jurisprudential norms within Australian politics.  

Eve joined PARSA in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. She believes that representation is key to ensuring that the rights of students are protected. Unfortunately, student associations do not hold the same significance they used to. While some of this might be a result of Keating’s Industrial Relations Reform Act (1993), she believes that students need to be well informed if they are to understand how politics can affect the tertiary sector. This is not a question of policy, rather morals, in her opinion. As such, she is committed to strengthening PARSA’s relationships other student associations across the country; for student vulnerabilities exist notwithstanding state borders.  


Utsav Gupta (Treasurer) 


Utsav Gupta commenced Masters of Anthropology at ANU in 2018 and prior to that, was working as Assistant Manager with a multinational information technology service provider. He served in multiple roles during the term and gained skills as well as knowledge pertaining to sectors including higher education, human resources, information technology and BFSI (Banking, financial services & insurance). After arriving in Canberra, he worked at ANU as career officer & offered consultation to students on career development & planning utilising the knowledge gained from previous work experience. Additionally, he served in the student leadership team at university house for a few months.

Utsav started serving PARSA as CASS college officer in early 2019 and subsequently progressed into the role of vice president during the 2018-19 term. At the 2019 annual elections, he led a ticket & was elected to the role of President & ANU council postgraduate student member. He helped organisation of inclusive student friendly events & programs like Orientation week, shut up & write, TEDxANU, equity-based catchups, summer program etc. He also provided leadership & support in advocating for postgrads especially focusing on improving their experiences at accommodations and workplaces.

During his term as President, PARSA was awarded best international student support initiative of the year from Council of International Students Australia (CISA) for COVID emergency grants program. Throughout the two terms, he contributed to the establishment of ANU Sexual violence prevention strategy, student code of conduct, COVID emergency grants, PARSA cycles and ANU freedom of expression. To enhance his skillset & knowledge, he completed courses in governance in higher education sector (AICD), strategic leadership (AIM) and Policy design & delivery (Harvard). He was elected into the board as director during 2020 elections.

After playing multiple roles at this university, he believes that university has power of providing supportive student experience that helps in enriching skills, knowledge, thoughts, relationships, career, and paves way for a meaningful life. And an organisation like PARSA has huge potential in supporting this endeavour. As board director, he is motivated to employ his skills & knowledge to assist PARSA in effective governance & strategic organisation development.


Nisha Dahiya (Secretary)


Nisha Dahiya grew up in India and moved to Canberra, Australia at the age of 20 to pursue a Master of Public Policy at ANU. She was elected as a Board member in September 2020. She joined the board as a director in order to contribute towards policymaking and governance at PARSA. In addition, she has worked as a sessional teacher for postgraduate and undergraduate courses at the College of Business and Economics.

Her aim is to provide holistic support to the ANU postgrad community by contributing towards effective governance and transparent yet sustainable policy making process. By utilising the skills gained during study & work at ANU, she strongly believes that she can add value to PARSA for supporting and empowering the ANU community.


Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope (Director)


LLM (ANU), GCertLaw (ANU), BA(Hons) (ACU), BCA (ACU), MAICD

Zyl Hovenga-Wauchope has served PARSA as an Events Coordinator, Vice President, President, Chair, and Board Member from 2017-present. He served as a member of the ANU Council in 2018-2019, and has served on many boards and committees at the ANU including the University House Board of Fellows, ANU Sport (2017-2019), and the ANU Foundation Board. He was a member of the Student Extracurricular Enrichment Fund (SEEF) panel from 2017-2019 for which he rewrote the regulations to improve access and inaugurate the Venture Grants initiative. He is an appointed Director of PARSA and a Director of PARSA Cycles.

In his time in PARSA Zyl was one of two principal authors (along with Alyssa Shaw) of the inaugural PARSA Strategic Plan 2018-2021 and of the PARSA Constitution of 2018. He also led a number of advocacy campaigns to improve the wellbeing of postgraduate students, notably leading the first and second Home Away From Home campaigns to improve housing access, quality, and affordability for postgraduate students, as well as PARSA’s campaign to raise the Youth Allowance/Centrelink rate and access for postgraduate students. Zyl more recently negotiated with the ANU to establish the PARSA Cycles business, negotiated with the ANU Union to amalgamate its activities into PARSA, and is a founding member of the PARSA Investments Committee, which is focused on accomplishing PARSA’s strategic objective to improve its financial sustainability.

Outside of the ANU, Zyl chaired the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) governance reform working group and was the principal author of the CAPA constitution of 2019, after which he served on the inaugural board. He is a Director of the Arthur Shakespeare Foundation Trust. Zyl works as the Operations/HR Manager of Care, a financial counselling NFP in Canberra. Zyl was awarded the Baden-Powell Scout Award by the Governor-General for service to the community and the promotion of the arts in Canberra. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and an affiliate of the Australian Human Resources Institute. Zyl is the loving father of a two year old daughter, and is looking forward to the birth of his son this year.


Sagar Acharya (Director)


Sagar Acharya (pronouns: he/him/his), is a postgraduate student of Environmental Management and Development at Crawford School of Public Policy. He serves as one of the Directors of the PARSA Board.

Prior to pursuing his master's at ANU, he served as Senior Agriculture Officer with the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan for five years. He had successfully managed and lead multilateral donor-funded developmental projects on agrometeorology, rural development, and agricultural intensification alongside being a national focal point for agrometeorology. He also served as a core team member for developing and drafting the 12th Five Year Plan for the Department of Agriculture, with an added responsibility of being the monitoring officer for its implementation. He was also a core team member for developing the Bhutan e-RNR master plan 2023.

During his undergraduate study in India, he was the founding member of Allahabad Bhutanese Student Association and also served as its Vice-President. He served as a Youth Ambassador for climate action in Bhutan, apart from being an active forest fire volunteer.


Rittwick Visen (Director)

Master of Marketing (Class of 2019) 

ANU College of Business & Economics 

Born and raised in India, Rittwick is a marketer by zeal, photographer by reel and a traveller by appeal. Currently he is working as International Market & Student Recruitment Officer with ANU Marketing & Student Recruitment Division. 

Before joining ANU, he has extensively worked with corporates and start-ups, taking on different roles like business analysis, strategy & digital marketing with organisations like Intertek, TÜV SÜD & Bijnis.

During his time at the Australian National University, he was actively involved with PARSA (Coursework Officer), ANU Sport (Director) and was the Residential Advisor at Burgmann College. He was the editor of PARSA’s postgraduate magazine and has been vocal about student rights & welfare throughout his college journey.  

Apart from being a professional marketer, Rittwick is a passionate photographer, loves travelling, making vlogs and interacting with new people. He has been the official photographer for TedXANU, Law Ball, B&G Valete, PARSA O-Week. 


Mynampati Karthik (Director)

Mynampati Karthik was elected as a board member in September 2020. As a member with engineering background Karthik’s expertise lies in technology, managing operations, teams, and process. Karthik has had a wide level of exposure to program management through his work as a symposium coordinator during his bachelor’s degree at university. 

He is also one of the board members for a non-profit, social services organization, WethePencil, and has been involved personally and professionally for advocating and representing their value to members and other stakeholders. Currently, Karthik also contributes as an active member to Toad hall residential advisory committee (THRAC) and PARSA Environment Committee. Karthik is passionate about and committed to contribute his experience to make positive impact, celebrate diversity and enhance the board with integrity, transparency, and involvement. He is an Electrical engineer and is now pursuing a master’s degree in Renewable energy


The PARSA Board can be contacted at the following email address:

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PARSA Board Composition

According to the PARSA Constitution:

The governing authority of the Association is the Board which consists of not less than 6 and not more than 11 Directors. The Board includes:

  1. Up to eight (8) natural persons who must be ordinary members of the Association and who shall be duly elected by ordinary members of the Association to the position of Director at the annual elections of the Association pursuant to the Election Regulations (and who shall take office on the expiry of six (6) weeks from the declaration of the results of that election) and rule 19 or as otherwise appointed as a casual vacancy pursuant to rule 16.6; 16.1.2
  2. One (1) natural person who must be an ordinary member of the Association and who shall be duly elected by ordinary members of the Association to the position of President at the annual elections of the Association pursuant to the Election Regulations and rule 19 (and who shall take office on the expiry of six (6) weeks from the declaration of the results of that election) or as otherwise appointed as a casual vacancy pursuant to rule 26.2; 16.1.3
  3. Up to two (2) natural persons, who may be ordinary members of the Association, or otherwise, may not have any relationship with the Association, and with an appropriate mix of skills and attributes thought desirable by the Board to assist with the efficient and functional governance of the Association including to enhance the Board’s compositional mix as an inclusive reflection of the collective student body, who may be appointed by and at the discretion of the Board to the position of Director;

A duly elected Director of the Board of the Association pursuant to rule 16.1.1 shall be elected by the Board pursuant to rule 21.2 as the Chair;

The Board shall appoint a Secretary of the Association (who may be either a Board member, an employee, a member, or another person) annually by resolution of the Board immediately following each annual elections of the Association in such manner as the Board may determine and who shall, as soon as practicable after being appointed as Secretary, lodge notice with the Association of his or her address.

The Board shall appoint a Public Officer of the Association (who may be either a Board member, an employee, a member, or another person) annually by resolution of the Board immediately following each annual elections of the Association in such manner as the Board may determine who must be at least 18 years of age and must reside in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Board may appoint a Treasurer of the Association (who shall be a Board member) annually by the Board immediately following each annual elections of the Association in such manner as the Board may determine. The office of Treasurer of the Association need only be created if the Board deem (at their discretion) the office necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Association and shall undertake and fulfil any functions so delegated, and pursuant to the terms of the delegation as determined by the Board from time to time.

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