Student Partnerships Agreement

The Australian National University Academic Board ('the Board'), the ANU Students' Association ('ANUSA') and the Postgraduate & Research Students' Association ('PARSA') wish to build on our existing strengths in working together to further enhance the student experience at the ANU. This agreement sets out our approach to partnership in Academic Governance, details agreed priorities for January 2019- January 2020 and identifies opportunities for student engagement. 

This agreement does not replace other strategic documents concerning student engagement. Rather, it has been developed to promote an understanding between students, staff and the Board about agreed enhancement-focused goals that are important to all individuals who are part of the 

We believe that this Student Partnership Agreement represents a commitment on the part of the Board to consistently and meaningfully engage with the student body, as well as foster a community in which all members have rights and responsibilities. 

This Student Partnership Agreement is designed to promote the engagement of students during their period of study at the ANU, and encourage feedback on their experience whenever possible. 

Find the full text of the student partnership agreement here.

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