PARSA Governance Reform

In 2021, the University requested that PARSA update its Constitution. In consultation with the current Postgraduate Representative Council (PRC), this document was produced to fulfil this request.  

As the peak representative body for postgraduate students at the ANU, PARSA should be managed in a way which is transparent, consistent, and maintains a level of accountability to our membership. Balancing a need for consistent policy application with the ability to react quickly when necessary has been one of the key challenges posed by this task. However, we believe we have fulfilled these requirements.  

New policies 



Please find the draft version of our 2022 Constitution. Feedback is not only encouraged – it is necessary for us to produce the most robust governance document possible.  

Of particular interest for member feedback are the following sections

  • Objects (clause 5);  
  • Structure and Advisory Committee (clauses 25 – 30) – Additional advice here
  • Conflicts of Interests (clause 31); and  
  • Disciplinary Measures (clauses 33 – 35).  

Proposed structure for new governance model 

Please review this document and let us know what we can do to ensure it serves our members well.  

Feedback can be submitted through the following portal from the 14th to the 22nd of April. If you have any additional thoughts you’d like to submit after this period or any questions, please contact . 

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